Sunday 8 June 2014

Wee bit of vintage glam for a Sunday

Have wanted one of these for a long time, and I'll use it too, to powder my nose..................

At £2.87 it didn't break the bank, and I'll get years of pleasure from it  :)

Saturday 7 June 2014

Gone to pot

The gentle and unhurried  'potting on of bits I want to take with me' is ongoing. This afternoon, in the sunshine,  I potted up some ransoms and tri-cornered leek, and a lovely wee self-sown elder tree.  Rescued several pots of good plants that had been shoved into an unsuitable place by someone, and got them out into the air and light - am sure they can be saved :)  A nice package of seeds arrived last week too,  to add to my collection. There's a great seller on e-bay that I use quite a lot, with unusual seeds. Funnily enough, he only lives 11 miles away, but I only know him as Derek.  I got - sweet lupino beans, gambero verde beans, moth mullein, Egyptian pea bean, Tuscan egg onion,  Rapunzel rampion, scuplit, a 'super' cucumber,  wild sea cabbage,  red-ribbed dandelion, some more kailyard kale and some wild lettuce.

Scuplit is a complete unknown to me. Apparently is a rare Italian culinary herb, hardly known outside of Italy.  Am looking forward to having a go at something so unusual next year.


Friday 6 June 2014

So frugal - it's free!

Am getting back into my really frugal habits now - these include entering every free competition  and freebie/giveaway I can - providing the prize is one I can use in some way - no interest in the exotic foreign holidays/gadgets/dodgy cosmetics sort of prizes.  I've been lucky this week - I won a pile of chocolate Belted Galloway cows in a FB share and like draw, a ticket for 4 to the Food Fair in Clapham (will go to a friend) and a free card/aura reading. Great start to the re-launch of frugality :)
I've also registered and started with several survey companies, so earning a few pounds etc that way too.  All free of charge thanks to the internet.
I've also re-joined the local Freecycle group and a couple of similar groups on Facebook.  It's all out there if you make the time to search a bit, and have the inclination.


Thursday 5 June 2014

Home again, home again, jiggety jig......................

Got home last night after a few hold-ups with discharge stuff from hospital. Always the simplest things that seem to go wrong, but am here now. Got a week of anti-biotics to go, but am feeling ok :)
Big thanks to everyone for their good wishes and love, helps a lot:)

Just pottering today, as I feel  a wee bit fragile, but think it's just adjustment to being home. Have phoned solicitor for an appointment tomorrow to try and get the finance stuff moved forward in the divorce - it's dragging on far too long for my liking - not her fault though. Will see what can be done to shift it.

Managed to more or less stick to my healthy eating plan in hospital, and the smaller portions helped; plenty of water to drink and fresh fruit always available.  Had poached salmon on Sunday, but otherwise no meat at all, their vegetarian food is better than their other stuff, and they do very good soups.
Managed to go shopping last night, and have a houseful of fruit and veg now, and lots of salad.

It's a beautiful summer day today, so will go outside and sit for a while I think with a couple of magazines and a cup of tea; have just read of what the weather might do at the weekend here - heavy thundery showers and flash flooding forecast.  I'm not going anywhere, so shouldn't affect me directly, but hope people and things stay unscathed by it all.
Packing will resume at the weekend when my hand's a bit better; my latest crochet blanket is almost complete, so would like to get that finished and put away ready. Flowers need changing and there's the biggest cobweb ever in the porch! lol  That'll be the extent of my efforts for today I think.

In the meantime, I bought myself a couple of bits for my new kitchen - not expensive, but they cheered me up :)

Hope you are all well and happy :)


Sunday 1 June 2014


I love this  :)