Thursday, 25 October 2007

Winter on its way.......

Definitely wintery today - sky white with clouds, cold, bit gloomy - soon be with us. Not that I mind, I accept teh seasons ans they approach and unfold - each one has lots to offer me. Keeping busy in the nice warm kitchen, though.............yesterday saw the mincemeat made and the fruit in to soak for the cake, which I will get done this afternoon. I finished my exhibits for the Guild exhibition, will post picture on figheadh blog later. Made a little quilt whilst waiting for the next parts of my two ongoing quilt projects to start. This one is Moon Over Mountain - one of my favourite blocks, very effective.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Marty & Fancy Day

Meet the goaty girls!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Tuesday today

Ah yes, Tuesday. Beautiful day out there - off outside in a minute. Bit weary after a late night again last night, but this afternoon is the thrid lino cutting class, so looking forward to getting on with more mushrooms.

Thinking yesterday, why do people have to push and shove themselves at you and in your face to try and appear more important/intelligent/interesting/competent/clever than they really are - on the net? It's becoming more transparent to me every day that there is a lot of what I see as unhealthy competition to be the best at/worst at/ have the biggest/smallest/travelled furthest etc.

Why can't folks be content with their lot and not build themselves up into something they're not? They're only fooling themselves.

Monday, 22 October 2007

More photos

Good weekend

Achieved a lot this weekend, I felt. Managed to find unpasteurised milk to buy ( thinking ahead to cheesemaking here too, been looking for ages for using it for my cheeses); great bargain at the scrapstore for curtain material for the kitchen curtains - big pink check cotton, 12m @1.00 per m; huge carrier bag of free apples from outside a gate; interesting bits and bobs from the tip again; got lots done in the garden yesterday, more chutney made..............

Some photos: