Saturday, 11 May 2013

Doing the shopping...........

Due to a variety of ccircumstances at present, I have decided to try out internet shopping for the weekly shopto see how it goes.  Am not a fan of supermarkets, although I do admit they have their place; so I have gone with Abel & Cole.  They have come a long way from supplying just veg boxes,and it's possible to do most of a weekly shop with them - organic/local/Fairtrade/ biodynamic, etc -right up my street, and the sort of things I was seeking out in the supermarkets and other shops.Deliveredto the door once a wek for 99p. I'm looking forward to seeing howit goes;I'll sale back the fruit/veg maybe as the garden eventually gets going, but  nay continue the rest  of the  stuff for a while anyway. Nice to have something to look forward to - will report back next Wednesday, delivery day :)

ps -am still in hospital, but aiming for home on Monday - been 8 weeks now! Hope all are well, looking forward to blogging about home and garden again soon.Watch this space :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Day 52.................

Awoke to the wind whistling around the 6th floor, and rainy wet outside;akes it a little more bearable to be inside here after yesterday's disappointment of not being discharged. Life is muh quieter and more pleasant in my single sideroom, down behind the store rooms and out of the way. I have two big windows to look out of, and can see plenty of skyand trees, over to the ountryside beyond. I've got a good deal of knitting done on my Fairisle pullover - the peace and quiet is good for conentration,and because the pattern is on a pdf, I can dip in and out of my Scrabble games too.  I found a copy of 'Dinner at the Homesick Cafe' by Ann Tyler  on the visitors' table,so I read that over the weekend. Whilst not very uplifting,it is a good book, made a change toread for a while, apart from my daily Guardian - this keeps me up to date with what's going on,and keeps my brain in order with the sudoku and crosswords.  The food isn't to bad,  and I've learnt which things  theydo better than oters, and there's plenty of tea and coffee available.All in all, not too bad, but Ireally miss home and garden.  No new date for possible discharge, so I just have to sit tight and try and keep my chin up. There is a TV in my room, but the only thing I've watched so far is The Beechgrove Garden,which I found by chance!


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Thought for a Sunday

Looking to next Tuesday for a discharge from the hospital, so normal blogging servie shoule be resumed very shortly :)  In the meantime, I have ordered new summer sandals and some Himalayan blue poppies as a welcome home present for myself.  A few other things may have fallen in my cyber basket too lol.
Sun  is shining here again today, lovely freshair through the open window. 7 weeks is far too long to be cooped up inside!  Hope all are well:)