Friday, 20 April 2012


Frugal Friday - waste nothing

Even little bits and scraps of yarn/wool can be utilised; I made these crochet popppies this afternoon:

I will add to them as I get more bits of red and black to use up, then they'll be on hand for a project. Another ongoing one is blankets; this one is squares of small quantities of yarn knitted into strips for a blanket, to be added to as time and scraps allow.

There is no excuse, ever, to waste anything. Everything has a use.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wool winder

This is one of my favourties, just packed it away after winding the bluebell yarn I dyed the other day. It's quie old, I reckon from the 1940s or so, maybe a wee bit later, but it's a pure pleasure to use

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The colours of spring

Freshly picked this morning from the garden - blue, yellows , whites and greens.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Of frog's meat and gooseflops

This was taken from Dorset Wildlife Trust's spring magazine. I love learning the old coloquial names of plants and flowers, often associated with their uses/pwers/places, etc. This was the dozen the DWT came up with:

Bugle - Ajuga reptans: Cuckoos, Herb-flower,Honeysuckle,Horse&Hounds

Bluebell - Hyacinthoides non-scripta: Blue Bottle, Cuckoo's Boots, Goosey Gander, Grammer Greygle

Cowslip - primula veris: creivel or crewel, fairy cups, hodrod orholrod,odrod,paigle, tisty tosty

Foxglove - digitalis purpurea: Coventry bells,  deadmen's bells, fairy glove, fairy hat, gooseflops, pop-ladders, poppy or poppy dock, thimble flower

Yellow horned poppy - glaucium flavum: bruiseroot,goldwatches,sqat or squatmore

Cuckoo pint/Lords & Ladies - arum maculatum: Arrowroot (Portland), bulls, cows and calves, devils and angels, frog's meat (leaves), lady's smock, parson-in-the-pulpit, poision fingers, starchwort (Portland), wake robin, white and red

Red valerian - centranthus ruber: bounding bess/betsy, convict grass (Portland), kiss-me-quick, KIssing Kind (Portlad), Lady Betty, pretty Betsy, Princeof Wales feather

Meadowseet - filipendula ulmaria: goat's beard, queen-of-the-meadow,summer's farewell, sweet hay

Stinking iris - iris foetidissima: gladdon, filed lily, roast beef plant, spourgewort(Purbeck)

Devil's Bit scabious - succsia pratensis: angel's pincushion

Great mulein/Aaron's rod - verbascum thapsus: Aaron's flannel, bunny's ears, donkey's ears, fairy's wand,hare's beard, snake's flower/head, soldier's tears

Early purple orchid - orchis mascula: adder's tongue, candlesticks, ducks & drakes, fox stones, giddy gander & goosey gander, grammer Griggles & granfer Griggles, Johnny Cocks, lords & ladies, regals, single castles (Porland), soldiers, soldiers jackets

While I realise the importance and significance of the latin names, I really do prefer the local ones!  It was lovely to read thsi articel. I knew a few of them already, but have learned a lot more now, and it's a good way of keeping traditions alive.
What about he flowers where you live? Do you know of any local names?

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