Friday, 8 November 2013


I just came across this word this morning - copyleft. The exact and wonderful opposite to copyright. Wish more things were copyleft in this world, what a better place it would be.


Thursday, 7 November 2013


............  and lots of it. Having the house painted :)


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


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This hit a chord this morning, shared from the Wild and wise Women group on Facebook

he truth is ... I'm just like you
And I'm trying
Sometimes the trying is exhausting
But it is an every day thing
Yes I've heard "there is no try"...
Thank you Yoda
But in my humble opinion
He was wrong
Because there is trying
Every day

Every day I try
To meet each situation with kindness
To own what is mine - emotionally
And to walk in integrity
And honesty as well as faith and trust
That there is something bigger
That is guiding me
And I am trying
Because these are not all things that just happen on their own
Yet. They depend on me to try

I try to not let worry and stress
Grief and pain overtake me
and sometimes I am successful
And when I'm not ... there is a next time
For me to try again

I am trying - to be who I am called here to be
To be the mother my son will always be proud of
And to mother in a way that makes me proud
I try to not forget myself in all the care I give
To not pass over me because I am quiet and "fine"
And I try to remember what I need
In my relationships, my friendships, my love, and my life
While I am taking care of your needs
Yes, while I am taking care of your needs in our relationship, our friendship, our love and our life
Because your needs are my needs
In an abstract sort of way that I have had to rise above
Although they really matter to me too.

Just like you, every day I try
And there are days when trying feels like merely surviving
And that's ok.
Because there are other days
Days when it doesn't feel like trying at all
When I am in the flow and a part of the energy
That works around me and through me
Rather than the resistance I was trained to be
There are those days ~ those ARE those days
When I want to circle my arms around you and
Whisper "It can be like this"
Before we wake up in the morning and
Try again.

(c) 2013 Christa Thompson of W3


Not just the fault of one...............

It's not just the greedy and unscrupulous pickers at fault here; it's the shops, the restaurants, the media -  and the customers who consume the mushrooms. As usual, demand driven. There will be very little of anything at all left soon. Sick to the heart. I feel that the media doesn't do enough to promote the ethics of foraging; yes there is the occasional general article about it , but usually only a sentence or two along the lines of 'don't pick too much'.  As usual I don't know what the answer is, but everyone can play their part in this one.

This photo is of my fungus foray when I went on one led by John Wright, back in 2007.  There is a world of beauty and fascination out there, would be wonderful if folks would just consider that others would like to share it too.