Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bardsey Island apple

I'm very proud of teh fact that my young Bardsey Island apple has produced some fruits this year, only its second year of being here. This tree is a grafted cutting from the original tree on Bardsey Island in Wales; I'm really looking forward to trying it soon, it looks a really lovely apple - will report back. Just for good measure, a picture too of a couple of the the quinces my tree is producing in abundance this year, very pleased with that - top pic :)

Cider apples

These are looking good in the garden at the moment; the Sops in Wine and the Yarlington Mill are both cider appples, the latter being a very local bittersweet variety. The large red crab apples are Wisley, the size of a good cooking apple, with pink flesh most of the way through. The John Downie's fruits are some of the most stunning in the apple world, for shape and colour.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Time to blow teh cobwebs away, so meandered down to West Bexington this afternoon.Big sky, angry sea, breaking waves - just what I needed..........