Friday, 9 September 2011

Picture for a Friday thought

There is such a thing..........

............ as a free lunch ! lol On the way out of town yesterday, we stopped at the rather wonderful Olives et al
This lovely shop is very generous with their free samples, so we  feasted on every type of olive you can imagine, several types of snacky crispy things, and lots of little crackers with over a dozen types of preserves to try; cubes of good bread for dipping in olive oils and dips, and rounded off with a piece of chilli chocolate. Yum.
(we did buy some stuff too! )

Friday bits and bobs

Flying saucers - remember them? lol

The rather gorgeous merino wool I've just wound and cast on the for the 'Citron'shawl KAL at Creative Living

Out with a friend yesterday; raided the wool shop and liberated a coule of balls of half price Kaffe Fassett sock wool in lovley colours; then raided the charity shops - the first one had a half price sale on - how good was that? Lovely piece of fabric for the stash

plus a pretty pink t-shirt. Next one yielded a very pretty wrap around tie-dye skirt which will be made into soemthing else, bought for the fabric.
Talking of fabric, I've always wanted a skirt with chickens on.............. lol. Watch this space ;)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Three bags full............

I bought these three wee bags of fleece from the wool festival; two are Portland (one shearling), the other is Suffolk cross. The Portland was £2 a bag each; one has 140g written on it, the other I'm not sure of teh weight. The Suffolk cross was £1 a bag, again not sure on weight

This is a whole Shetland fleece, good value I thought at £8.50, feels a nice one.

Back to Shetland again, this time blended with silk into rather beautiful rovings; I think this will spin into something really rather nice................. 150g in total, for  £6.95

I haven't done any spinning for a few months for a number ofreasons so really looking forward to getting back to it as soon as I can, with all this rather gorgeous fibre lying around !

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Glastonbury Wool Festival

Brilliant day, met so many lovely people, just want to say what a small world it is lol. More on people tomorrow, and pics of what was purchased. Happy :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Small treats

Not often I succumb to temptation, but I treated myself to these on Friday:
A new shop has opened in town Butterfly Bright - they sell beads, fabric, haberdashery, all very nice and pretty stuff, so I gave in and bought the four fat quarters above, and the packet contains tiny wee green buttons which I just couldn't resist. Not got anything in mind really for them or the fabric, but sometimes it's so nice to just have a little treat all to yourself , isn't it?

Home alone............

Sunday alone in the house (except for snoozing dog!). The others have gone off to the Steam Fair - I decided to give it a miss  for various reasons, hence I am here all by myself all day.
Now -  what shall I do?