Saturday, 21 December 2013

Supper for a winter Solstice

Champagne, roast chicken, roast tatties and parsnips, sprouts and carrots with gravy, followed by trifle flavoured sherry lol


Friday, 20 December 2013

Solstice blessing

May winter see you safe and warm,
With fire and food and love;
With friendships, family, those held dear
And light from up above.
  A happy heart, a peaceful mind,
A conscience clear and true,
Many years of smiles and joy -
My solstice wish for you.


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Old and beige...............

.............  I will not be!!

I've been very very fortunate in being given a large amount of clothing and textiles this morning, in the most fabulous and glorious colours you can imagine. The sort of clothes I've always admired on others, but never been able to acquire for myself for one reason and another. The clothes are all handwoven cotton, custom made for their previous owner; there are also three large hanks of Pima cotton I am desperate to wind up and get on the needles, and various large pieces of fabric, aprons, bags, all sorts. How lucky I am via a lovely friend :)


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Wee fat fairy

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I am a wee fat fairy, I have a wee fat wand,
I have a fairy dress (and wings)
Of which I'm rather fond.
It's made of lace and ribbons
And gathered into pleats;
It's got pink bows and furbelows
And goes right to my feets.
My crown is made of silver,
My hair's a shade of gold,
My face is young and childish
Although I'm very old.
I'm brought out each December
And tied upon a tree
In all my grace and finery,
Up there for all to see.
I guard the chocolate pennies,
The candles and the treats,
The little lantern candles,
The crackers and the sweets.
I have a secret boyfriend,
He's on the branch below,
He's a soldier with a rifle,
For fighting every foe.
His uniform is smart and red
His paint work is still good,
He really is my heart's desire,
Although he's made of wood.
The lamps are lit, the tinsel glows,
Ad Christmas Eve is here;
There's smiles on all the faces
All good will and cheer.
I love the carol singing
And all the happy banter,
The mistletoe and holly wreaths -
I've even cuddled Santa!
I love the crappy Christmas jokes,
The mince pies and the pud,
The fathers feigning soberness,
The children feigning good.
I sit up there and cast my eye
On all that's down below
Until twelfth night is here again,
And the it's time to go.
I', taken down, my hair is brushed,
My dress is patted straight,
My wans is back upright again
(The wings will have to wait).
The box comes out, the tissue's found,
I'm put gently in my place;
I'm covered u from head to toe
My feet ad arms and face.
I'm there again for ten months straight,
But I'm happy with my rest;
Another Christmas come and gone,
I know I've done my best.
I've been around for twenty years
It could  be more - true.......
So I for one believe in me -
Surely you do too?