Thursday, 19 August 2010

Postcard from Scotland............

Dear all,

Having a lovely time up in scotland, very relaxing. Weather has been more than kind :) Enjoying seeing hills and mountains again, didn;t realise how much I;d missed them. No pictures for now , as I'm not on my onw computer at the moment, but will post some when I can. Had the most wonderful day trip to Arran and fell in love with the palce totally; it's even got its own brewery. There will be moe posts about a little purple caravan too no doubt lol. I spent a few days up in Perthshire with a firend; first time I'd been there, it's a beautiful part of the country, and she and her family were the eprfect hosts. Now down In Lanarkshire for a week, catching up with old school friends.........Edingburgh on the way through was horrendously busy, but brought back so many memories....
Getting a good lot of knitting done too, and have invested in a Shetland cobweb shawl kit form Kamiesons. Will put details and pics on Figheade when I get back.
Off outside in a minute with a beer and the Scotsman crossword. Hope all are well, another update soon I hope :)