Saturday, 16 July 2011

Putting it out to the universe..............

I get a lot of my more useful thinking done in bed - usually in the morning, but the other night I was laying there thinking about beds - I will need some sort of sleeping arrangement in the cabin. I want nothing fancy, but it has to be comfy, sturdy and have some sort of storage buit in underneath. I'd like it more bedlike that 'sleeping platform'. It will be wood, so I thought a headboard would be good, and I like the beds with pine slats. Then I need to build a frame of some sort and fit it all together. I'll have my stash of blankets I'm making ofcourse, and a patchwork quilt, my vintage Paisley patterned eiderdown, and I'll be making a winter duvet from sheep's fleece ( I have a lot stashed away, needless to say lol), and a pillow of some sort. So - that's sorted then, where to get the bits from?
Went off down to the tip this morning to take the cardboard recycling from the community shop here ( lots of  unfulfilled promises to take it, so I said I would) and lo and behold - roll of good quality sturdy pine slats, the ones with strong webbing tape to hold them together and a very, very nice pine headboard with a sunflower on it.......... £3. Sorted.
ZZZzzzzzzzzz ing  synchronicity!

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Back in the boxes.............

- for now..............

All my belongings returned to me last night from up north. Huge sense of relief for many reasons. Now another line has been drawn, and I'm ready to move on again. This time, will be on my own, into the cabin when it's ready, so there will be some serious downsizing to be done. I am going to enjoy every minute of sorting my stuff, organising it and storing it away, using it again, leafing through the old friends that are my books, finding new places for things, new ways of using them.
I have a whole heap of plans I want to undertake, lots to achieve before the winter sets in - but I know now, in my heart and mind that  this is the right time.
In the time it's taken me to type this post, next door has just had their shopping delivered by Tesco van, and
I've had a lightbulb moment as to how very different my life has become and will be even more so soon, to most people.
I'm ready.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Citrus cleaners for the home

This was posted up on Facebook, thought it a wonderful idea. I've been aware of the uses of both in the home for many eyars now, but to combine them in this way seems a really good idea. I use a lot of lemons in my preserving and brewing, etc, so this is a good way of using the peel as well as the juice/flesh. I like the way you can keep adding to it as you go along, and that orange peel can be used to. Will report back!

'I arrange all my own flowers you know!'

One of my very favourite Margo quotes from the fabulous Good Life!
One of the great joys of having a garden is being able to go out daily and pick something - to eat, or to decorate with, just admire, study, paint, draw, photograph, all sorts. This is today's bouquet, made all the more special by the wonderful quality of light out there this morning, just love it. There is nothing particularly special among them, but all together they make a beautiful display, visually and scented-wise. Summer in a vase.

Another summer favourite

Cape gooseberry - sharp yet sweet, seedy and juicy, tastes of summer.......... I love these little fruits  in their individual brown crinkling cases, very beautiful to look at. I buy them when they're reduced in price usually, as they are well ripened then, the flavour fully devloped. I like them raw, sucked straight out of their wee cases, but the mke a very good jam as well, should you happen on enough to do so all at one time. I have grown them in the greenhouse too - not a roaring success (I suspect they need a really long and hot summer to develop and ripen properly), but I did get a few, so was pleased enough with that.
Anyone else love them?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sometimes you really need a scone.........

All this talk of jam gave me a scone hankering ! lol I always make mine the same way, simple, quick and cheap. The trick with scones is a light hand and a fast oven.

1lb self raising flour
4oz butter
buttermilk, sour milk  or milk to mix

Cut butter into flour with a knife, then rub in lightly.

Mix to a soft dough with milk, bring together with hands, roll out and  stamp into rounds, or squares, or one big round cut across into triangles. 
Place on baking tray and bake in a really hot oven for about ten minutes until risen and golden, cool on wire rack

Split open and serve with good butter and jam (homemade, ofcourse ;)  )

Winter's coming............

Ready for the water bath


I've always loved these; a lot of people see them as invasive weeds, but they really do have so much going for them. They grow wild around here, but I do have quite a few in the garden, self seeding where they will. Mine are the common one, dipsacus fullonum; I did find a supplier of seed for the Fuller's teasel - dipsacus sativus - a few years back - would  love to have a go at growing them.  As I recollect, there is only one company still using teasels for fulling cloth, and one grower of the Fuller's teasels; I may be wrong, will need to look into it some more.
Where the leaves meet the stems, rainwater collects, providing a valuable and convenient drinking stop for birds, bees and insects;  the seeds are loved by the finches in the autumn, so I always leave mine for them - probably why I've got so many..............
I was out there this morning, and found out that hoverflies love the flowers:
Another reason to grow them.  Also, I can get 50p for a bunch of the seedheads on my table in the autumn, they're a lovely indoor decoration through the autumn and winter.
Grow more teasels!