Sunday, 10 July 2011


I've always loved these; a lot of people see them as invasive weeds, but they really do have so much going for them. They grow wild around here, but I do have quite a few in the garden, self seeding where they will. Mine are the common one, dipsacus fullonum; I did find a supplier of seed for the Fuller's teasel - dipsacus sativus - a few years back - would  love to have a go at growing them.  As I recollect, there is only one company still using teasels for fulling cloth, and one grower of the Fuller's teasels; I may be wrong, will need to look into it some more.
Where the leaves meet the stems, rainwater collects, providing a valuable and convenient drinking stop for birds, bees and insects;  the seeds are loved by the finches in the autumn, so I always leave mine for them - probably why I've got so many..............
I was out there this morning, and found out that hoverflies love the flowers:
Another reason to grow them.  Also, I can get 50p for a bunch of the seedheads on my table in the autumn, they're a lovely indoor decoration through the autumn and winter.
Grow more teasels!

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