Thursday, 1 November 2007

Our wonderful fishman

I am very , very fortunate in that I have a visit every Thursday from the fishman; he only took over the business this year, and has taken it forward in leaps and bounds. Excellent selection fo fish, beautifully fresh, well dispalyed, and he knows his stuff. He knows I like local, and to know the provenance of the fish, so he is always well prepared with lots of info for me, which is appreciated.

Today's haul was a beautiful sea bass, caught last night off Poole by a man in the next village, and a lovely selection of wild mushrooms. A veritable feast if ever there was one.

New blog........

Thought it was time for a brand new garden blog, so started this today; hope to keep up with it.

Lovely weather here at the moment, November today, so hurtling towards the shortest day at a rate of knots now. have done the Christmas cake and puddings and the mincemeat is in the jars, so up together with Christmas stuff so far, even done the lino cut for this year's cards, so please with that. Huge amount to do inside and out and in between as usual; I have decided to get on with some of the painting and decorating, whether OH likes it or not, or it will never get done. I do a good enough job, and it doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be done. He hasn't the time, so I will do bits in between everything else, starting with painting the front porch, half done/started earlier thsi year with a new side window put in. I have the paint, and a new coat rack which just needs cleaning and waxing/polishing, that's about it. A new floor will have to wait, as I can't see him "letting" me do that......