Friday, 2 May 2008

Productive morning so far....

I got around to making some mesh bags for loose fruit and veg at the shops, out of an old net curtain acquired along the way. Not my idea, as they are available for buying, but I thought I'd make my own, giving them their first try-out this afternoon. I made 8 in all, should be enough, and easily washable when needed.

Got two loaves made as well, they smell really good, wholemeal with 3 different malted flours and sunflower seeds, and a beef curry and rice for tonight; washing down and folded, and another one into the machine on its way. Sun is out and shining, and all is good with my little world here.

But it is easy being green................

Consume less - of everything. Think more, consider the further implications of everything you do. Listen to those who have done it/doing it. Take time to learn. Think for yourself. Cultivate peace, honesty, compassion, and simplicity. Avoid greenwash - there's a lot of it about.

Thursday, 1 May 2008


I found this in a local charity shop for only a couple of pounds and fell in love with it- the colours are just gorgeous. It has the mark of Conwy Pottery on the base; I have no idea what the symbol means, but I was immediately attracted to it.

Added: I couldn't find a lot on Conwy Pottery on the net, but found this on one site:

"Conwy Pottery was started by John Wynne Morris in 1970, and still runs today,specializing in producing medieval and celtic style pottery... all based upon authentic pieces.."

May Day

Married when bees over May flit

Strangers around your board will sit

Traditional rhyme

May brings with her the beauty and fragrance of hawthorn blossoms and theh song of the nightingale. Our old poets delighted in describing her as a beautiful maiden, clothed in sunshine and scattering flowers on the earth, while she danced to the music of birds and brooks. She has given a rich greenness to the young corn, and teh grass is now tall enough for theh flowers to play at hide-and-seek among, as they are chased by the wind. The grass also give a softness to the dazzling white of the daisies and the glittering gold of the buttercups.

Chambers book of Days, 1864

Today, faieries are at their busiest, putting changelings in place of mortal babies. They also kidnap any foolish humans who stray too close - on May Day the barriers between the Other World and our own are at their most permeable.

Strange weather here, though - lots of showers, warm in the sun in between and bright. Will get chilly this evening I think. I like May, lots to look forward to, although it seems to have come round quick this year, as April was so busy.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The perfect book...........

...............I have found it. In Oxfam, for 2.49, the perfect book, or the most perfect book I have read so far. It has it all for me - Italy, Tuscany in particular, food, recipes, seasonal treats, deep, insightful writing on life and love, ongoing love stories, passion, beautiful writing..............

A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marlena de Blasi. Some memorable quotes from the book:

"There's and emptiness that comes with plenty"

"........because simplicity is the last thing a person considers as he's madly searching for the secret to life. Mathilde and Gerard had so much because they had so little"

"... love her the way *she* needs to be loved, which may not be at all theh same way *you* need to love *her*"

"I think I'm learning how to live gracefully in need as well as in abundance"

"Prescribed holidays seem a sham to me. I'd rather have a dose of celebrating in each day, some small recognition of the miracles contained in it. The grand spectacles put me off. They end. And when they do, one often feels whittled down rather than refreshed by them. I like my daily life enough so that I'd rather live it even on Christmas"

"This is what I wanted to do and how I wanted to be"

"I wanted death to find me dancing"

I smiled, I sighed, I wept, I saw the food and smelled its scents all through this book, never read a book like it.

Read it now.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Greenery Day

In Japan, today is Greenery Day (Midori no hi), the beginning of a succession of national holidays known as Golden Week. It formerly marked the birthday of Emperor Hirhito, and is now set aside for the appreciation and preservation of japan's natural environment.

What a lovely idea.

Today's pics are of things made - socks, beret, emergency tea-cosy (do you have it in blues?!!) and a beautiful rushwork hat modelled by The Bean at the Guild day, following the talk on the re-introduction of rushcutting on the Stour in Dorset.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Mile end goat

On the 28th April 1782, there died a goat at Mile End that had twice circumnavigated the globe; first, in the discovery ship Dolphin, under Captain Wallis; and secondly, in the renowned Endeavour, under Captain Cook. the Lords of the Admiralty had, just previous to her death, signed a warrant admitting her to the privileges of an in-pensioner of Greenwich Hospital, a boon she did not live to enjoy.

chambers Book of Days, 1864