Thursday, 1 May 2008

May Day

Married when bees over May flit

Strangers around your board will sit

Traditional rhyme

May brings with her the beauty and fragrance of hawthorn blossoms and theh song of the nightingale. Our old poets delighted in describing her as a beautiful maiden, clothed in sunshine and scattering flowers on the earth, while she danced to the music of birds and brooks. She has given a rich greenness to the young corn, and teh grass is now tall enough for theh flowers to play at hide-and-seek among, as they are chased by the wind. The grass also give a softness to the dazzling white of the daisies and the glittering gold of the buttercups.

Chambers book of Days, 1864

Today, faieries are at their busiest, putting changelings in place of mortal babies. They also kidnap any foolish humans who stray too close - on May Day the barriers between the Other World and our own are at their most permeable.

Strange weather here, though - lots of showers, warm in the sun in between and bright. Will get chilly this evening I think. I like May, lots to look forward to, although it seems to have come round quick this year, as April was so busy.

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