Friday, 10 January 2014

Local champion my arse................

I volunteer for a few hours a week in our community shop here in the village.  yesterday, I learned that the bakery in the next village but one, a distance of maybe 2.....3 miles will no longer bring bread supplies to our village shop as it couldn't always meet the minimum order value. This bakery has been in business for 100 + years, and I should think that the good people of this village have gone some way to keeping it so over the decades. I was told it is not financially viable to continue small deliveries like ours. I feel this is a real slap I the face to both the extremely hard working manager (who has lived in the environs all of her life) and the village in general. I have told them not to expect me to champion any aspect of their 'local' supplier/business, and that unless this decision is reversed I will not buy any of their goods, or recommend their  company to others. They can still find the time and make the effort to go as far afield as Wimborne, Blandford, Sherborne and Canford Cliffs, but cannot go the 2/3 miles up the road?  I feel very strongly about this one, if it wasn't for the smaller orders and local people, this business would not be where it is today, am fairly certain of that. They seem to be concentrating now on building up their more 'artisan' bread boxes and selling courses (don't start me on 'courses'!!). Bite the hand that feeds you, why not? PPhhhhtttt. Glad I bake my own a lot of the time.

Everything does indeed come to those who wait

I've been wanting a fish kettle for about 5 years now, and one appeared at the tip today. Looks unused, still with labels and things on.  60p.  :)


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Tipple no more

In 1627, John White of Stourton Caundle was sentenced to three days in Dorchester gaol and fined 20 shillings for selling ale without a licence that resulted in folk being so drunk that rowdy behaviour ensued. He was made to promise to tipple no more.

Dorset 1/4 Sessions, 16325 - 1628


I have treated myself to a lovely new diary, hoping to get to grips with using it properly; not so much of a record/journal type diary, but for what is up and coming and so I don't miss things. All part of my grand plan to Get Properly Organised. It's from Earth Pathways, is beautifully illustrated on the outside and on the inside, with handwritten dates on the pages, inspirational quotes, beautiful illustrations - all in all a book of pure gorgeousness which will be a pleasure to use and read over the coming year.  Do you use/keep a diary?


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lamb tagine

I made this last night for a change, it was really good.  I found the recipe online  here

I used my own bottled apricots instead of dried, and served it with hot tabbouleh, which was really good.  I'll be making this again - quick, easy and fairly cheap to do


Sunday, 5 January 2014