Friday, 23 September 2011

Harvestings - various

This is my second harvesting of pears from my small tree 'Beth' - bought as the name is the same as my daughter's. It was bought a few years back from Woolworth for about £5.99 or so ; last year it had four pears, this year a big bowlful. I'm not sure what I will do with them all, but I suspect pear crumble will feature, and some Kilner jars.

Harvest of another kind now - the second stage of Project Bear; theh hair saved by my dear friend from a friend's Alaskan Malamute. I have blended it on the handcarders with some very nice Portland (super crimpy, absolutely gorgeous) I bought at Glastonbury Wool Festival the other week.

Neither fleece nor hair was washed, so I will spin it in the grease; have tightened the band on my spinning wheel this afternoon, and am all set to go with the rolags made

This is them on the kitchen scales - weighs in at exactly 100 grams a the moment. I'm not sure what it will weigh when spun, will see how it goes, and not yet sure whether to go for singles or plied, will see after some spinning of it; project Bear is well under way now!

Mabon blessing

At this time of equal light and dark,
And of ingathering,
May you find balance and abundance in your life
And wish some of your good fortune upon others.
Blessings to you

The wheel of the year turns, and I find myself at Mabon again; in  a very few ways, no further forward in achieving what I want and need, but in so many more ways I have travelled a long journey so far and come out where I am, which is where I need to be. No regrets, just lessons learned.
Mabon - the feast of the ingathering; autumnal equinox, or harvest home. Light and dark are of equal length before the seasonal descent into darkness as we head for winter and darkness, the final festival of the harvest season. I am leaving the busyness of summer behind, and starting to slow down in readiness for the coming winter, look back on the season gone, summer is over.
It's a crisp and chilly autumn day here in the Vale, timely for my own harvest festival to thank the Goddess for supplying food to last the winter out in the ways I choose to preserve and  keep it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to get what you want

Found this:

Focus on what you want - get crystal clear about what it is. Picture the end result you desire with as much detail as possible. The clear vision will pull you forward. Don't worry about not getting it, as that puts your attention on what you don’t want.

Amp up belief - two factors in getting what you want are the desire and the belief it’s possible. Amp up the believability by revealing limiting beliefs holding you back (becoming aware loosens their power), and reviewing the reasons you believe you can have what you want.

Commit to it – the Universe responds to commitment and confidence. Don’t wonder if you’ll ever get what you’re asking for; know it is yours simply because you choose it. You are worthy of whatever you choose, so embrace it with confidence!

Take inspired action – forget what you think you “should” be doing. Listen to your intuition, pay attention to hunches and gut feelings. Then follow up on those intuitive hits with inspired action. Take action that feels good!

Appreciate the evidence – look for the first signs that your desire is manifesting, and flow appreciation for evidence that it’s on the way. Gratitude for the small stuff will usher in your big miracle that much faster.

Feel good - be deliberate about maintaining a high vibration. That means getting good at feeling good, day in and day out. Eliminate life tolerations regularly.

Release attachment - reduce resistance and increase allowing by releasing your attachment to the outcome. Go with the flow, knowing everything is unfolding perfectly. What you resist, persists – so let go of struggle and let it be easy.

Exactly what was needed for me to read right now; things are difficult here, so this has given me a wee boost. Continue to watch this space.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Squishy bowl

Fallen in love with this! Was meant to be for sale, but I'm going to keep it lol

Crocheted in wool and fulled in the washing machine

Cycles and circles

I lost a hen last week, and this morning found Barbara (as in Barbara, Margo and Tom) dead in her house. Both  deaths were from old age, nothing more, as is the nature of things, literally. It's always sad when it happens, but they both had good lives here; the Black Rock was about 4, and Barbara was the grand old age of 6 - good for a wee bantam, and she was the hen who hatched the inimitable Dude, who's real mother I still have. That leaves me with 7 hens today, as William Barnes the cockerel recently left us as well. I now have Dot, Pansy, Dude, and the 4 Eliz/sabeths.
Tonight however, I am off over the border into deepest Someemrset tow pick up two hens form a friend of my two who is no longer able to keep them, so that will be replacements for the recent two hens. I will wait and see about the cockerel, one will come along when the time is right, but William is missed here for his arrogant strutting and excellent hen management skills lol

The lovely pic above is from: