Sunday, 14 April 2013

Update :)

Thought it was dire time I gave an update for you all.  I'm still in hospital - 4 weeks today, having contracted a very nasty virus.Have been pumped full of anti-biotics and things and am ona very slow mend.  I have my knitting and laptop, but am really missing the fresh air and the wee bits of sunshine we've had.Spring may have passed me by, but heyho.  I've got company on the ward,but am the youngest one here and the only one with my own teeth! lol
Days tend to all blur in together, though, in a round of mealtimes, dozing and cups of tea. Am happy enough as have vastly improved since I was admitted, but no idea how much longer I'll be here. Not much going on in the Unbought Delicacies department at the moment, but would like to think it won't be too long untilI get back to it all.