Tuesday, 1 March 2011

All done!

Well, the move went very well, amd settling in already. Everything arrived safely I think, but haven't unpacked much yet, so much to do. I have a nice Polish builder assembling bookcases for me in the bedroom, then I can unpack some books; when that's done, I'll be able to get into the wee room, which is going to be my craft/workroom/studio place - room to leave the sewing machine out, and the iron, and room for the wheel and loom too. The garden has a lovely feel, and I got taken out to a local nursery on Sunday - now have rhubarb, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes, golden and red raspberries, rosemary, wallflowers, a dogwood, hellebore and a bucket load of new seeds. I brought a few bits with me - snowdrops, oxlips, cowslips, one black and one white hellebore, comfrey (essential for an organic garden), my Forest Pansy tree (still in its pot) and my Chinese green rose. However, I seem to have managed to leave behind my fork, spade and rake lol Hey ho........
The garden faces south, with a lovely view of the castle, and has a friendly neighbourhood tabby cat playing there. There are some plants there - at least two beds of irises, plus a saxifrage London Pride planted sprawlingly (is that a word?) over a low wall - one plant I could never get going in Dorset. It'll be interesting to see what else might appear. There is one apple tree too, which fruits well apparently, and I'll be putting up the bird feeders this week. I brought my metal table and chairs with me, and my rather gorgeous rose covered parasol. William Lobb and my auriculas should be arriving from Dorset through the post this week too.
So, although there is obviously a lot going on emotionally at the moment, I'm very optimistic, and have taken to the town readily, it has lots going on, lots to offer and some very friendly people so far.
I'm looking forward to getting back into the Unbought Delicacies swing of things, although, ofcourse, the knitting never stopped! lol
Hope all are well, and thanks for your kind words and support over the past weeks and months :)