Thursday, 10 December 2009

MrsL is poorly...UPDATE

Hello everyone, Bean here I'm afraid :) but good news is MrsL is on the mend and will be back with us within the next couple of days, so you should be seeing a post from her very soon :) thankyou all for sending your lovely comments! xoxox

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

MrsL is poorly...

Hello everyone :) Bean, daughter of MrsL here, with a quick update. Unfortunately MrsL has been taken ill and has been in hospital since Monday night. The doctors are performing lots of tests and scans, but unfortunately surgery is required. However she remains her old self, is having a lie down and doing more of MrL's socks as we speak, and is raring to get back and do some writing here :) Apologies if this post is a bit short, I'm only the messenger :) but hopefully I'll be back soon with more news. Take care everyone :)