Thursday, 10 December 2009

MrsL is poorly...UPDATE

Hello everyone, Bean here I'm afraid :) but good news is MrsL is on the mend and will be back with us within the next couple of days, so you should be seeing a post from her very soon :) thankyou all for sending your lovely comments! xoxox


Julie said...

pleased there is good news and she's getting herself sorted out and will be home soon.

I hope she'll allow herself some proper rest. Things can wait; honest

Take care

MoominMamma said...

So good to know MrsL is getting well!

brightandnew said...

Great news :)

Anonymous said...

You're a star, Young Bean.
Has Mummsie been a good patient or has she been demanding cups of tea and back ribs?

Anyway, I'm so glad she's on the mend...the mornings are a little poorer for her absence.

Love from Sue

aromatic said...

Good news to know MrsL is on the mend!
Love Jane xxx

Tea with Willow said...

Glad to hear that, Bean! I hope Mrs L will be pampered when she gets home!

Willow x

oddny said...

I am pleased to hear that MrsL is getting better, but sorry that she's been so poorly. Give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery and make sure she rests when she comes out of hospital:)
X x

Quilting Cat said...

Get well soon Mrs. L.