Friday, 17 August 2012

Frugal Friday - nice barter

My friend makes some beautiful soaps as part of her business, and I did a great barter with her for some dishcloths I knitted her, 3 bars of luscious soap and a bo of grapefruit  bathmelts. Almost good enough to eat.  They're beside me in my little bag of knitting wool, which I hope will catch just a whiff of the lovley patchouli...............

This is her:

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Good post..............

...........   as in delivered by the postman :)

Wool and book - doesn't get much better..............

The book is about slowing down to have a better life, was recommended by someone  on Facebook.I've read the first couple of chaters, and it's very good so far; I like the tactics bits at the ends of the chapters - things you can do yourself on the theme of that particular chapter.

The wool (oh the wool..................) is just gorgeous; vintage 2 ply pure wool in cream. So beautiful, can't top stroking it and sniffing it lol. Have some ideas for it too.................. but must get on with what's underway first. Delivery of this should spur me on though I hope :)
Nice small cheerfuls for a stormy and wet Wednesday :)

Life is easy

Words of wisdom for a rainy, sunny, windy Wednesday. Yet another TedX gem :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

A beautiful piece of writing

I found this piece  this morning just - have a read, it's a lovely piece

There are a few bloggers who would do well to read this carefully and take note of the skill with which this is written - no floweriness or overkill, completely natural and unforced,  not too wordy and  over descriptive, using the language of everyday to convey the miraculous in nature.