Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ring mystery

Several years ago, I turned up a rather nice ring at the tip; dark goldish in colour, engraved around the outside, and inscribed with a Spanish/Portuguese name around the inside  - Eufemia Bonilla.  It has been cut, and not repaired, so could have come from someone deceased possibly.When I found it, I did look on the net, but could find little to help me.  The ring re-surfaced today in a tidy up, so I've been on FB (which I wasn;t on back then, or even it might not have existed), found someone in Spain with the exact name, and havesent her a message all about it.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to re-unite the ring with the family?  Will let you  know what happens.

Gimme a break..............

Get away from it all.............

Thursday, 31 May 2012

My little bit of Shetland

If I can't get to Shetland quite yet, there are a lot of things I can be getting on with meantime. Yes, a bit of whimsy perhaps, but good and useful fun, and not out of place in the way I live. I am determined to get Shetland hens and breed from them, likewise Shetland ducks. You never know, one day I might have room for ponies,  cattle and sheep too, all distinctive Shetland breeds thereof. I grow Shetland Black potatoes and am starting off Shetland Kale; I have discovered there are other tatties I can grow too I hope, and will get hold of some bere (barley) and aits (oats); I spin Shetland wool and knit/weave with it; I have dozens of crofting books/Shetland books; next step is to subscribe to the Shetland Times; I have the esate agents all bookmarked too. It's like a working storyboard/wishlist/throw it out to the universe type thing for me - I do what I can in the fields I'm interested in to keep the dreams alive. One day :)

Shetland duckling

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This must be the place............

Perfection; it's lovely to see someone who is just so content in his right palce.

Magical - please watch :0


Good news for buzzards!

Common sense prevails, not often that happens :)


You can well imagine............

.....  my reaction to this!

What is the world coming to?

Brilliant biennial event in Dorset

One year I'll be organised enough to take part lol

Sunday, 27 May 2012


I always wanted a pawlonia since I heard it was very difficult to get them to flower in this country, even in the south of England. Well, red rag to a bull that was !  It's a big tree, and not everyone has room for one,  so I managed to get one reduced from £40 ish down to £10 at a local garden centre; had to have it delivered as it wouldn;t fit in the car. It flowered for the first time last year, andhasmany more flowers this year. Truly stunning, and such a pretty colour.