Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Bring on the Apocalypse

Just started reading this book this afternoon. If Monbiot is right in his thinking, then I'm sorry to say that the world is in a worse state than even I thought. Depressing, but enlightening book, and I'm only on p94.

Meadowsweet cordial

Meadowsweet flowers

Pick over the flowersaplace in a pan; cover with cold water, bring to just under a simmer and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove from heat, strain out flowers and measure liquid. For every pint of liquid, I added 12 oz sugar - more or less to suit your taste - and the juice of half a lemon. Return to heat to dissolve sugar, then leave until cold and bottle. Process in water bath if you are going to keep it, or freeze in eg plastic milk cartons. Wll kep a while in the fridge too.

Pleased with this, will make it again next year; quite different int aste to the elderflower.

Ours are all but over now, but I will definitley make this again next year; quite different to elderflower cordial.

Living Woods magazine - a short review

This is a brand new magazine; I managed to get hold of the first issue, and have to say I'm impressed with it. Bi-monthly, colourful, packed with inormation and inspiring pictures.

From the Editorial:

"This magazine is aimed at anyone who loves trees and wood, and wants to know mmore about woodlands a tmber, about products to buy and how to take part. We'll be feaurng activitiein woos, curses, tools and equipment, ways of engaging children, and projects that make better use of our woodland resources"

The Edtor is a man called Nick Gibbs, and his enthusisam for his subject shines troghout the magazine; this issue has aricles on chairmaking, bushcraft courses, wood food, tools, a social forsetry project, pros and cons of pheasant shooting with regard to woodland use, architecture and building, and analysis of news, debate and science reagrding all areas and aspects of wood and woodlands.

Teh articles are a good length, very well liiustrated, with lots of links to further information on resources, courses, etc.

One theme I am very keen to follow is the Editor's purchase of a shack, without running water and electricty , in a French woodland - I'm keen to see how he and his family progress with his plans! Looks promising already.

I see this as a valuable and worthwhile addition to any library for those who are interested in wood, woodlands, and using them sustainably and with an eye to the future. I will be subscribing.

Currenty available by subscription only, and through soem speialist outlets, Subscription details:

subs@freshwoodpublishing.com or phone 01285 850481

Monday, 4 August 2008


I found this on Somerset Seasons blog, and thought it looked fun, so here goes for me:

one word answers only...
1. Where is your mobile phone? NON-EXISTANT
2. Your significant other? SNORING!
3. Your hair? WAVY
4. Your daughter? LOVELY
5. Your son? FUNNY
6. Your favourite thing? WOOL
7. Your dream last night? GONE......
8. Your favourite drink? CHAMPAGNE
9. Your goal? CONTENTMENT
10. The room you’re in? SITTING ROOM
11. Your church? GARDEN
12. Your fear? BACKSTABBING
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? SCOTLAND
14. Where were you last night? HOME
15. What you’re not? THIN!
16.Muffins? FRESH
17. One of your wish list items? SHEEP
18. Where you grew up? GALLOWAY
19. The last thing you did? DISHWASHING
20. What are you wearing? SHORTS!
21. Your TV? ON
22. Your pets? ASLEEP
23. Your computer? INSPIRING
24. Your life? GOOD
25. Your mood? BOUYANT
26. Missing someone? YES
27. Your car? NONE
28. Something you’re not wearing? EARRINGS
29. Favorite shop? AMAZON
30. Your summer? PRODUCTIVE
31. Love someone? YES........
32. Your favorite colour? GREEN
33. Last time you laughed? TODAY
34. Last time you cried? YESTERDAY
35. Who will re-post this questionnaire ? MADWOMEN.............;)

Today's harvest...........

Life is good.........

Another Monday - dawned bright and beautiful; want to get outside shortly and get some things doen in the vegetable garden. Lots going on out there, lots to do! Still picking the sweet peas, which is lovely - still have their scent by the sink when I wash up.

Big investment here on Saturday - we got out new woodburning stove; it's not installed yet, but will be by the winter. Not only made in england, but here in Dorset, in Bridport. It takes up to 18" logs and has a designated hotplate at the front (one of the conditions of giving up my much-loved open fire was to have a hotplate on the woodburner). This will be good for late night tea etc once theh Rayburn is banked up for the night - we have no electric kettle here. It's plenty big enough for the sitting room, so should help this winter. Bonus was getting 155 pounds off the RRP :)

Another non-electric bargain was the beautiful big solid brass oil lamp - about 30p from teh tip; a big, solid lamp, on a good base, making it very stable. The cap where the oil goes in needs attention, as it is stuck fast, but should be fairly easy to free up. I really must get on and find out about alternative oils to use i them - project for this week, I think.

We arrived home on Saturday to find a jumble sale on in the village hall - nearly missed that one:0 Came home with some useful bits - one old Kilner jar to add to the collection; a few books, one for MrL, a very old car/engine book which he was delighted with, a couple of pairs of jeans for EJ, and a pile of blue skirts to be made into a peg loom rug for the hall.

Got some spinning done yesterday too, but have decided I'm not keen on the drum carder - I think the hand carders give a more thorough job, but takes longer. Good thing is, I can find the time, so the drum will be stored away and returned to my friend from whom it was borrowed. I'm such a Luddite, hahaha :)