Thursday, 30 December 2010

That was the year that was...........

Well, been a bit of a year, all told. Started off recovering from major surgery from just before last Chritmas, took me several months to get even vaguely right again. There followed a bout of what I now see as depression, although I didn't realise it at the time, and I've since read that depression is often a result of trying to be strong for too long. Looking back, I see this was the case, physically and emotionally, should have given myself more time. Marriage broke up, fell deeply in love, got my heart broken, now in limbo trying to find somewhere to move to still,a nd a job, get my business off the ground and get on with some writing. I found out yesterday that one of my closest friends died, so all in all it's been a pretty crap year!
However - I am strong, and looking to another New Calendar Year with hope and optimism. New people to meet, more laughter, new beginnings, new home, new relationships, more travelling, writing. Want to get back to painting and drawing again, play more fiddle, live on a houseboat, travel the country, sleep under the stars, camp on the beach, spend more time outdoors, do more walking, more reading, listen to more music, meet more people............ so much I want to do,and 2011 will be the year to do it I feel.
My continued heartfelt thanks for staying with the blog through everything this year, it means a lot to me, and I promise to get the photo thing sorted out as soon as I can, will need to take the laptop in and get it looked at.
I'd like to wih each and every one of you all theh very best for 2011, and hope it brings all you wish for, and a bit more.


Sunday, 26 December 2010

Planning a trip...........

I really fancy a trip to London to one of the big galleries, so off for a look around the net to see what's on. Half the pleasure of a trip is in the planning, for me.
Any suggestions?