Saturday, 5 December 2009


Just wanted to say I might not be around for a couple of days as I'm distinctly unwell. Will get back as soon as I can.
Take care, all.



Thursday, 3 December 2009

In Defence of Food

by Michael Pollan, ISBN 978-0-141-03472-0

I've just finished reading this, having requested it from the library.I can thoroughly recommend it. It pulls together a lot of my thoughts on eating, food and the provenance thereof. Easy to read, funny in places and highly informative and inspiring. there are a few things I will change after reading it.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

by Michael Pollan, ISBN 978-0-141-03472-0

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bright colours for a dreary day

These have brightened up this morning for me - it's a very heavy sky here, we've just had a bit of icy rain, but to me it looks like snow. The tea cosy is an order for someone, but I'm very taken with the colours in that, so may do one for myself too. The dogwood has just been cut, with a view to Christmas decorations, but it's so lovely I think a basket might be in order instead.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Frosty start to December................

Dark December has now come, and brought with him the shortest day and longest night: he turns the mist-like rain into ice with the breath of his nostrils: and with cold that pierces to the very bones, drives the shivering and houseless beggar to seek shelter in the deserted shed....
Even the houses, with their frosted windows, have now a wintry look; and the iron knocker of the door, covered with hoary rime. seems to cutt he fingers like a knife when it is touched.

(Chambers Book of Days 1864)

Inviting peace

- a lit candle

- the night sky, when it's still and quiet

- a ticking clock

- the rhythmic breathing of a sleeping child

- the moon

- watching snow fall

- early morning, alone

- a walk in the woods

- sleeping animals

- reflecting in an empty church

- moonlight on water

- an empty beach

- a hilltop in autumn

- gentle summer rain

(from a print by David Winston)

Monday, 30 November 2009

A smile for a wintry day

I found this and thought I'd share it again. Hands up who's not smiling? LOL

St Andrew's Day

Today is the feast day of St Andrew - Patron Saint of Scotland, Patras in Greece and Russia. A Galilean fisherman, Andrew was the first-called of Christ's disciples, the brother of Simon. he is said to have been martyred by crucifixion at Patras; the tradition that his cross was x-shaped (as on the saltire, above), dates from the Middle Ages.

St Andrew the King, three weeks and three days before Christmas comes in

Traditional saying.

Well, it's definitely winter here now; there is an icy blast and a heavy sky; bare branches, wet underfoot, cold is in the air, birds wheeling, with their amller brethren seeking shelter in teh evergreens to take their turn on teh feeders. time to turn the stove up and put socks on indoors, make soup and winter puddings, think ahead to Christmas and a bit further to what the new year, soon to come in, will bring.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday morning visitor

We were lucky enough to get another of our occasional visits from a lesser spotted woodpecker this morning; I got a good close look as I keep my bins on the draining board - the feeders are on the snake bark maple just outside the kitchen window, so I got a good look this morning.
What a lovely creature, I'm honoured when he comes into the garden. Hoping to see the babies next year too, as they nest not far away from here I'm told.
I don't lay claim to the photo, it's from the Guardian website. I'd rather spend the fleeting moments watching than trying to find my camera and take a photo.

Made me laugh with my typos, though; it first appeared as a Lesser Spooted doubt it will forever be known thus in the Deanery! lol

Anyone else get woodpeckers as visitors?