Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Seasons greetings................

....and Yuletide felicitations to you, to quote Margo from the Good Life LOL

I wish each and every one of you and your families and friends a very lovely Christmas, I hope it's everything you want.

Good health and happiness to you all, and a big thankyou for reading the blog, it really is appreciated.



Monday, 22 December 2008

December giveaway

This month's giveaway is a rather ncie pile of hand knitted dishcloths - one of my favourite household items to use! Handknitted by me from reclaimed (but new, unused) cotton ,bought as ends on a stall of wool, etc. There are three cream ones, square and rectangular, and three sage green ones, in round lacey patterns. They are lovely to use, last for ages, can be hot washed in the machine, and when they eventually give up the ghost and go into holes, they can be put on to the compost heap. Couldn't ask for much more from a dishcloth really, could you? To enter, leave a comment or e-mail me.


I hope to get up a picture soon, still having problems with photos, so sorry about that.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Remembering Lockerbie

I light a candle today, to mark twenty years passing, from the terrible events of this day in 1988. I have a lot of personal connections with the town, and extend my wishes for peace and love to everyone touched by the tragedy.



Today, shortest day of the year. It's overcast with thick cloud here, but dry, with a slight wind. I love the solstice, marking the turning of the year and a return to the light. There are all sorts of bulbs peeping through the dark soil in the garden already (plus some still in their bags that haven't quite met the garden yet, but will soon LOL) We're having someriends round later for mulled wine and cider, something I always look forward to.
Today is alsot Thomas the Apostle's Day, giving rise to the rhyme:

St Thomas gray, St Thomas gray,
the longest night and the shortest day.

As it says in Maypoles, Martyrs and Mayhem, whatever teh weather, it is an opportune time for human activities, and a not-so-opportune time for pigs:

St Thomas Divine,
Brewing, baking and killing of fat swine.

One interesting local custom I ahve learned about concns the village of Thornford, some 8 miles distant; today is the day to leave their annual five shillings tithe in the hollow of a certain gravestone in the graveyard. If it was not in place before noon the Lord of the manor could claim his ancient right to a hay tithe. Not taht the Digbys need it these days .........:)

Computer problems - apologies

My computer is still playing up in the graphics department I'm afraid; it's not the graphics card, seems to be something else, but we're not sure what. In the meantime, I hope to do something startlingly clever with a laptop and soem bits of sellotape and string LOL (Not really............)So, for the moment, my posts will probably be pictureless, so sorry about that, I'll see what I can do.