Saturday, 23 June 2012

MrsL's property of the week

A cool £13,000,000 this one; hugely important for lots of reasons, click on the link and take a peep inside, nice and udnerstated decoration, big rooms, idyllic setting, just beautiful :)  (but maybe not this week lol)

Friday, 22 June 2012

Real string and everything!!

Well, it's arrived; I didn't realise it was coming by next day delivery, so am thrilled to bits to report that the box of tapestry wools has arrived. Almost (but not quite lol) stunned into silence by it.
The box is vintage too, and tied with string

I imagine that Emme was the name of a shop in Dumfries, I'm trying to find out more to add to the story, and have asked in a Facebook group I belong to about Old  Dumfries.  Looking forward to seeing if anyone can help with that.

Undo the string carefully, and put it aside to unknot later and save for re-using, and the bo pops open just a wee bit to reveal the contents

Carefully take out the tissue paper covering and just look at all ths colours.............

There's a good variety of makes and weights, so the first job is to sort them into categories to see how much of each there is. Every skein has a proper label on, so all brand new; pick them up and run my hands over them, smell them, stroke them................ knitters and fibre workers will understand!  lol
Wonder how many there are?  Start counting into bundles of 10

Any idea how many?  I was amazed to  count out 227 complete and beautiful skeins in a dzzling array of soft muted vintage colours. The cost was £19 for the boful, which at a rough estimate (my maths isn't wonderful) is appro 8 1/2p per skein............

I now have the rather delicious decision as to what to do with it all......................s yet I have no idea, but won't rush into anythingas it's such a special thing to have. Let's just say I wish I'd finished the housework yesterday!  lol

Chuffed to pieces here, can you tell?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rainbow and hearts blanket

Thought I'd share the link to a rather lovely blanket :)

Solstice blessing

As the wheel turns, here's my solstice offering for this midsummer day

May you always be your wisdom,
And never lose your way,
Stay close and near to loved ones
On each and every day.
May your soul be filled with sunshine
And your problems be released,
Be guided by your conscience
And fill your days with peace.

Solstice blessings

Silly o'clock on e-bay.........

Stayed up to watch this and bid on it - not the bestof pictures, but you'll get an idea and hopefully realise why I was so excited to win it!

It's a huge box of vintage 1940s/50s tapestry wool,labelled and in its original box; not only that, it's from Dumfries, my old home town - would be rude not to! I won the auction at just £19.  Just look at all the colours in there......... I doubt I will use it for actual tapestry, but this sort of thing is so versatile, and being pure wool will full/felt too, so endless possibilities. Also, endless possibilities for stripey things lol
Really thrilled with this - right place and right time :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Days of gin and roses............

Sitting in my kitchen among the scents of sloe gin and roses; I love my garden :)

From little acorns

First of the stashbusters lol

Serious de-stashing required

Oh dear. I went up to the cabin yesterday afternoon to find something I needed; I was able to go straight to it as I remembered which crate it was in, but when I'd found it I spent a wee while looking through some stuff up there. Have now decided I need to use up what I have - apart from anything else, it will make room for more! lol So, I've decided whent he time comes to just go up to the cabin, take thefirst wool/fleece/fibre/paper/fabric that catches my eye and bring it down and make it into something - either for me, a present or for the shop.  I don't hoard wool etc I don't use, or will never use, just for the sake of it. As well as being a serious knitter, I also run a knitting/craft business, so yaboo to those who say I'll never get through it and why keep so much!!  It's my stock in trade and I love it.
I'll put up a new page on my knitting blog I think for all the stash-busting projects I do, and I might also make a new spinning only page.................... so many possibilites.  My net is well organised, unlike my life lol

Sunday, 17 June 2012

MrsL's property of the week

Wow - take a look at this one :)  Stunning house with working water mill where the current owners mill flour; beautiful setting, gorgeous house,  idyllic grounds, sensible price too..