Friday, 22 June 2012

Real string and everything!!

Well, it's arrived; I didn't realise it was coming by next day delivery, so am thrilled to bits to report that the box of tapestry wools has arrived. Almost (but not quite lol) stunned into silence by it.
The box is vintage too, and tied with string

I imagine that Emme was the name of a shop in Dumfries, I'm trying to find out more to add to the story, and have asked in a Facebook group I belong to about Old  Dumfries.  Looking forward to seeing if anyone can help with that.

Undo the string carefully, and put it aside to unknot later and save for re-using, and the bo pops open just a wee bit to reveal the contents

Carefully take out the tissue paper covering and just look at all ths colours.............

There's a good variety of makes and weights, so the first job is to sort them into categories to see how much of each there is. Every skein has a proper label on, so all brand new; pick them up and run my hands over them, smell them, stroke them................ knitters and fibre workers will understand!  lol
Wonder how many there are?  Start counting into bundles of 10

Any idea how many?  I was amazed to  count out 227 complete and beautiful skeins in a dzzling array of soft muted vintage colours. The cost was £19 for the boful, which at a rough estimate (my maths isn't wonderful) is appro 8 1/2p per skein............

I now have the rather delicious decision as to what to do with it all......................s yet I have no idea, but won't rush into anythingas it's such a special thing to have. Let's just say I wish I'd finished the housework yesterday!  lol

Chuffed to pieces here, can you tell?

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Debbie said...

How lovely! Well done on winning the auction.