Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mushrooms on toast

Doesn't sound that exciting for a Saturday night supper, but it was really good :)  I bought a punnet of  British exotic mushrooms - shiro, shimeji,oyster,shiitake and eryngii

Two cloves of garlic were sliced and softened in some butter over a highish heat, then the mushrooms were added and left for about ten minutes, stirring from time to time. I added salt and freshly ground black pepper, a splash of white wine and some double cream, stirred well and left to bubble for about five minutes whilst the bread toasted. Delicious, and there's enough mushrooms left for another meal, so good value and extremely tasty.


New cardi

Finished this afternoon, my fishtail lace cardi in cherry red, very pleased with it :)





Quiet day here, he has gone out, so have the day to myself, peace and quiet.  Weather is still bad, with more on the way I believe. It's very blustery and frequent heavy downpours so far today. I've got the shopping to put away from yesterday, went to Waitrose for a change, it's so nice seeing different things, but the shopping takes twice as long!  I did treat myself to some beautiful anemones in jewel colours :)  I managed to get a good bit done on my  red cardigan yesterday, as had some waiting around and time in the car, so hope to get it actually finished later, maybe while indulging in a film.  Yesterday saw me at Nando's for the first time; had a lovely meal of Piri-piri chicken with a beautiful huge avocado and bean salad; really was a good meal, with a very young and very charming Italian waiter  ;)  Wedding plans continue, and my purple velvet top has arrived in good time. More divorce paperwork to be slotted in today too, next visit to the solicitor is on Tuesday - I have been allocated to a different one now in a more local office, so will get to meet her then. Still looking about at houses, just to see what's available and seeing what I don't want, which is just as important as what I do want! Have also invested in two pairs of dungarees for the first time in many years - had forgotten how comfy they are, not to mention practical.
I  have also acquired a vintage cake tin of a kind I have been hankering after for many years :)


Tuesday, 4 February 2014


It's been a few days since I posted, things have been really busy in lots of ways. The irony of arranging a wedding and a divorce at the same time has not escaped me.  My days have been filled with flowers, catering, bars and choosing which furniture to take with me. I have mountains of paperwork to get through, and really can't take my eye of the ball for a minute. Tomorrow morning will be taken up with photocopying forms and things.  I am hoping the weather will improve soon, as there are a  lot of plants I want to get up and into pots for taking with me. Sadly the awful weather has meant I've inevitably lost quite a few of them, just drowned their roots in the sodden clay soil.  They can be replaced, but it still saddens me.  I have amassed a good basket of seeds to take with me, and am looking forward to starting a new garden wherever I end up.  I have bought a pile of notebooks - to note down ideas, put in pictures, all sorts, for garden, home, cooking, clothes, all ideas for my future.  I know deep down it's an exciting time, but if I dwell on the detail too much and too long I start too feel swamped by the enormity of it all. I will get there though,  have never been so sure of anything in my life. Onwards and upwards  :)