Saturday, 18 May 2013

The garden re-vamp continues.............

However the future pans out for me and my home, the garden willneed to be done and looking good, and I intend to enjoy it as long as I am here. Illness resulted in nothing being done,so quite a lot of it,front and back, needs looking at. Hence all the plant buying to replenish and replace.
I found a lovely new nursery not that far away this morning;only been open a year, but she had some beautiful plants. So, in the interests of helping out new local buinesses I managed to relieve her of some,plus a very beautiful pot. This was the result:

There are a couple of decent sized auriculas in there - great price at £3.99 - unnamed, but very pretty and well grown;also several black plants, and the prettiest clear lemon aquilegia for only £1.50.  I also found a vinca I'd been hankering after for a long time -a very pretty white one, Gertrude Jekyll. I also plundered a couple of roadside stalls too - another blue Jacob's Ladder (a favourite of mine), foxgloves, primroses, ragged robin,  a couple more yellow flowered currants and some others that I can't remember right now! lol
Now they all need to be planted, which will be a slow process at the moment, but an enjoyable one.In the coming week I will have to get going onthe edibles too.  Just as well I like gardening, eh?
How is your garden doing so far? Would love to hear about it :)

Friday, 17 May 2013



A good day

Had a visit from the lovely District Nurse today, progress slow, but on the way. It was a lovely sunny day, but a bit soon to get out and doing in the garden yet, so stayed indoors and kept myself busy with feet up and plenty of rest in between.
Took delivery of a lovely box of plants from

2 x pulmonaria David Ward,1 x Japanese painted fern and a white flowered epimedium Niveum;am looking forward to making room for them, and the horseradish that arrived as well.
Some lovely self-striping cotton came for a summer top for me, need to devise a pattern for that, I want something a bit different:)

This was tonight's supper of butter chicken curry,thoroughly enjoyed a decent curry again!

Big thankyou to everyone who has sent love and good wishes,they all helped a great deal xx


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Round and round...............

............ the mulberry bush...........

Can do it again now!  My very expensive black mulberry tree was ravaged by a.n.other having bonfires too lose to it,and it's now sadly very dead. Found a great deal on e-bay, and they arrived today - one black and one white mulberry.  I will get themgoing inpots for now and plant out in their permanent positions when they're established.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Supper tonight.........

........courtesy of my hens and Abel & Cole:


Capers, mousemelons and bumblebee bushbeans.............

Those of you who know me know that one of my favourite jobs is sorting through my seeds; the ravages of damp and mice had taken their toll on my seed basket, carelessly left in one of the greenhouses at the end of the summer:

Interestingly, they had eaten a couple of packets of chilli seeds- rather them than me.Seeds packed in the wee foil inner envelopes were mainly intact, they went for the beans,sunflower seeds andsome of the peas.Didn't touch the zinnias:)  A pleasant hour with my feet up was spent sorting,cleaning up and throwing away chewed pakets.When done, I straightened out the reminder as best I could and added in all the new seeds bought over winter - lots of American heirloom seeds and various other unusual stuff I found online - thankfully stored in a drawer in the house - hence the title of the post. The basket was well washed and now is how it should be:
It looks a bit tatty,but I'm very glad I managed to save the majority of them. A lot of things will be later to get going in the garden this year, but with the cold start to the main growing season, this might not be a bad thing. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty and snoozing in the greenhouse again:)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Simple home pleasures.............

Have I missed them!

- my son
- peeling potatoes
-sleeping in my own bed
- decent cup of tea
-stewing rhubarb
-tea and nattering with good friend in the afternoon
- picking up the mail in the porch
- my Rayburn
- plants arriving for the upand coming garden frenzy catch-up
- sounds and smells of my animals
- chopping cabbagefor the goats
-only hearing the hum of the fridge and the tickof the clock in an otherwise silent house
-having my candle lit on the kitchen table
- getting back to blogging

My lovely friend bought me a present,isn't it beautiful?


Monday, 13 May 2013

I am.....................