Saturday, 18 May 2013

The garden re-vamp continues.............

However the future pans out for me and my home, the garden willneed to be done and looking good, and I intend to enjoy it as long as I am here. Illness resulted in nothing being done,so quite a lot of it,front and back, needs looking at. Hence all the plant buying to replenish and replace.
I found a lovely new nursery not that far away this morning;only been open a year, but she had some beautiful plants. So, in the interests of helping out new local buinesses I managed to relieve her of some,plus a very beautiful pot. This was the result:

There are a couple of decent sized auriculas in there - great price at £3.99 - unnamed, but very pretty and well grown;also several black plants, and the prettiest clear lemon aquilegia for only £1.50.  I also found a vinca I'd been hankering after for a long time -a very pretty white one, Gertrude Jekyll. I also plundered a couple of roadside stalls too - another blue Jacob's Ladder (a favourite of mine), foxgloves, primroses, ragged robin,  a couple more yellow flowered currants and some others that I can't remember right now! lol
Now they all need to be planted, which will be a slow process at the moment, but an enjoyable one.In the coming week I will have to get going onthe edibles too.  Just as well I like gardening, eh?
How is your garden doing so far? Would love to hear about it :)


Quilting Cat said...

You have a good haul there. We had a plant sale in the village yesterday, usually raised about £1000 for village use, prices were 30p up to about a fiver, I found a lemon scented pelagonium, my new passion. Love buying from unofficial sources.

Paula said...

Hope that you stay and enjoy your garden for many years to come!