Sunday, 9 June 2013

Damn your oily hide, Dan Pearson!

Not really, he's a sweetie!  Enforced rest with my legs up resulted in me having the time to sit and read a Sunday paper, choosing The Observer, a perennial favourite with me.  Dan P has a gardening page in the magazine, this week focussing on plants that happily self-seed around.  He mentioned erigeron karvinskianus and the white from of herb  Robert..............  I didn't know there was a white form of herb Robert, so off I go on the net to find some.  Ended up at the wonderful Plant World Seeds.  Ordered the erigeron and white herb Robert, but couldn't resist some other beauties, including variegated white flowering honesty, which I grew a few years back, and the variegated form of hesperis matronalis. Several unusual tomato varieties fell into the basket too, as did some rather pretty fritillaries............................. am now over £30 lighter on the old bank balance, but what delights when the postman brings them.................
I am so delighted to be back at my home and getting into the garden again, so much needs doing and sorting and planting, but will be taking it slowly and easy for a while.
On a related note, I have housed Donald and Janet, a pair of Scots Dumpies, separately, to see if she will produce some chicks for me, fingers crossed. The larger cockerel, Geordie, stays out with the two hens left after the ravages of the badger recently :(  I aim to get some more hens to up their numbers shortly and get selling eggs along with flowers and plants by the gate. happy days indeed.

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damsonsamba said...

And of course, when they self seed I will be hovering to collect the excess!