Thursday, 10 March 2011

Settling in

So much to do! Keeping me busy and out of trouble, though. Richmond is a lovely town, quite a lot going on, some very interesting shops and nice people. I'm settling in well I think, and we're starting to get to grips with a rather neglected garden, bit of a challenge.
Looking forward to moving through the seasons in a new place - foraging and preserving, gardening, making, etc.
Today is very windy here, someone nearly got an eyeful at the roundabout lol - might be advisable to invest in some narrow trousers rather than a flouncy long wide skirt!
The craft room/studio is almost there - just need to get the table in; it was too wide to get up the narrow stairs, so I've enlisted the help of the friendly Polish builder who lives underneath to take off the legs, bring the table in and put them back on for me lol I can then get teh sewing machine up, my cardmaking and art stuff sorted and the laptop will hopefully get a decent signal up there. Watch out for news of my online enterprises lol
Amazed OH with my homemade onion bajhis and naan breads last night - think he was suitable impressed lol
Hope all are well, hoping normal service will be resumed very shortly.
The picture is of Richmond Castle; I can see it from teh bedroom window, so am putting my rocking chair in fornt of the window, near the bookcases, so I can read with a view :)