Friday, 10 August 2012

Bit sad.......

Last day of holiday today ( I think, unless friend gets different flight and returns on Sunday); no builders turned up, so have had two weeks of blissful peace and quiet, hatched 7 chicks, done loads of knitting, spinning and Scrabble, cooked for one and done what I damn well please. It's been great.

It will be nice to be back in my own home, I have Big Changes to make :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Housewives of Tomorrow

Another little time capsule  I was taught much the same way at school in domestic science. Would it be good to get back to this way of things in school these days? What do you think?

In a former life

 - this may well have been me! lol

Give it a  watch, just over two minutes, great wee piece of history

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Home made cheese

Latest one out of the press this morning - rosemary and sea salt; just testing it out with a couple of crackers ;). Very good :)


- as opposed to boycotting. The idea of postive action - where you use/buy from/support producers of food, goods and serices whose ideals and ethics you applaud, and spread the word to others. Simple positive actions that will change the world - what will you pro-cott?

'It’s a different kind of activism. Instead of voting with one dollar, we’re voting with a with a billion. Instead of a boycott, we’re mounting a “pro-cott,” strategically investing in the kind of food system that will advance social, economic, and environmental justice.'

From A Critical Mass for Real Food, Yes magazine

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bit of family indulgence :)

This is my grandmother, on my Scottish maternal side of the family; this was her favourite song - Durisdeer, written by Lady John Scott - a very beautiful tune

DurisdeerWe'll meet nae mair at sunset when the weary day is dune,
Nor wander hame thegither by the lee licht o' the mune.
I'll hear your steps nea langer amang the dewy corn,
For we'll meet nae mair, my bonniest, either at e'en or morn.
The yellow broom is waving abune the sunny brae,
And the rowan berries dancing where the sparkling waters play;
Tho' a' is bright and bonnie it's an eerie place to me,
For we'll meet nae mair, my dearest, either by burn or tree.
Far up into the wild hills there's a kirkyard lone and still,
Where the frosts lie ilka morning and the mists hang low and chill.
And there ye sleep in silence while I wander here my lane
Till we meet ance mair in Heaven never to part again

A wee film

This was filmed on the road between Kirkpatrick Durham and Shawhead in Galloway, south west Scotland, where I grew up. Take a look and you'll realise why my heart is still there and I want to return...............

Old picture of the village;  my friend lived in the big house on the right-hand corner, spent many a happy hour in there. It is now a conservation village, and is little changed from what I remember, apart from a few 'in-fill' houses having been built.

Scotland's Covenanters

I've spent a good half haour watching this little film from Youtube; gives the basic information and background to the Scottish Covenanters and their cause. I found it fascinating, and a good starting point for more research that I want to do, as I know the basics, but there is a lot more to study on the subject. I have a particular interest in the Covenanters as it has been handed down on my mother's side, the Scottish side, of the family that one of my ancstors was a Covenanter and had his ear cut off as part of his punishment for his beliefs.  I'm not sure I'll ever find out who he was, but there is so much to learn on that journey that it will be interesting and fulfilling anyway, and will be added in to my work on my Scottish roots.

Folk School

Just came across this today, found it interesting, think we could do with a lot more of them around the world :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012