Thursday, 29 November 2007

Wet Thursday

I'm alright today - stopped the screaming within from yesterday! Ej has dismantled his bed in readiness for re-decorating his room, and proclaims with delight it looks liek a squat - mattress and sleeping bag on the floor; made me laugh. Clearing out his clothes resulted in a nice pile of t-shirts for cutting up for rag rugs on the peg loom, so I was more than happy with that. Gloomy and wet here at the moment, hoping it will brighten up, but doesn't look like it. Huge amount of knitting to do, so need to get on with it.
Things moving on apace with the Creative Living ideas, so need to get them straightened out and on the go. the year is hurtling towards its end, but looking forward to the returning of the light soon and a blissful Yule. Managing to avoid all the normal Christmas hype and razzmatazz so far, which is good for my soul! Looking forward to printing my own cards this year for the first time too.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Screaming within............. what I am doing today. This is instead of shouting at people and telling them *exactly* what I think, which really won't do any good at all for anyone. So, here I am, screaming within - again. Life should be easier than this.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Back to normality...........

.....after a busy weekend; Guild day on Saturday and programme selling and tea making for the amateur dramatic society in the evening. Picked up an unexpected cockerel on Sunday morning, big handsome Maran, now christened William Barnes - he looks like a William. Lovely big deep crow on him, and the hens seem quite taken with him. He's fitted in quite well already, and seems to have taken up with the Black Rock sisters.

Just prepared two pheasants for a casserole, beautiful feathers, would make a lovely embroidery! I've done some brewing too, but will need to get on soon and do a lot of bottling, and sort out the liqueurs and gins for Christmas, now a month away - need to get a move on with that too, mainly the cards, as the pudding, cake and mincemeat is all done and ready.