Friday, 8 February 2008

A change........ as good as a rest! Thought I'd freshen up the blog for spring. :0)

Sunny again.........

..........makes a world of difference. Hot chocolate and blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning, just about to hang out the washing; done some knitting and bits on the net, failed miserably to get hold of the engineer to look at the village hall heating which seems to ahve gone belly-up. Ah well - looking forward to a trip to the tip this afternoon - wonder what treasures await me today?

Thursday, 7 February 2008

More excitements

I noticed a big white delivery van outside, so took a look as I'm expecting a couple of mattresses tob e delivered soon. Phone rang, it was the man in the van wondering where I was, and in which house - I said look out your window and you'll see me waving. He laughed, then delivered by long-awaited seed potato order rather than the mattresses :0) Will post about them on Garden in the Vale. EJ's emo duvet covers arrived too, so the house is covered in stuff needing things done to it. Again. Ah well, tea first :0)

Here's the postcard I was sent..............

Getting the post

I usually enjoy getting the post, more or less something interesting every day - books, something to read, wool, seeds, plants, unexepcteds..........
Today my Dorset Naga chillies arrived:

Also, a lovely postcard form a friend, whichc made me laugh a lot, about knitting..... :0)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

On the mend............

...........cold well on the retreat now, so feeling fighting fit and raring to go. So far, sorted seeds for early sowing, found propagator, sewed up most of jumper and got the neckband knited, had friend in for coffee - he brought two bottle sof wine for some sewing I did for him the other week - I like a bit of barter. Beautiful day here now, so hope to get outside later; have taken some pics of the hellebores, so need to get them sorted and on to the garden blog soon.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday again

Full of the cold here - thumping head is the worst bit; rest of it has abated since going out in the rather fresh weather, so feeling miles better than first thing. Cleaned the village hall after the half marathon, good workout with the mop!!! Made a crazy patchwork square for the forum quilt swap, so up to date with that, although the next one is imminent; made a birthday card, need to tackle the kitchen, though, looks like an explosion in a craft shop at the moment..............

I did all the ironing yesterday, so leased with that, but where, pray tell, does all the bloddy washing *come *from, eh? It's never ending, when I could be out in the garden. Huh. Need tea.