Friday, 26 August 2011

Rainbow head..........

Just finished this for a  rainbow themed swap over at Creative Living forum. Very pleased with it, want one for me now lol

Feather and fan scarf

Latest listing on Pocaid:

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Like mother like daughter...............

Bean came tearing in throught he front door from her day out to Glastonbury demanding to know 'Is it here yet??!!!' I took the time to exlain that her although her GCSE Maths result came out today, if she was waiting for them by post, it would be tomorrow when they came.
Turns out she was demanding information on her ordered new sock wool she is waiting for................

Then - 'I bought a book, mum, here have a look' - hands it to me, a book on allotments. She's putting her name down for the uni allotment for when she gets there.

Brill. :))

My new 'Tiger Rose' viola, just lovely :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Loved this

From the inimitable and wonderful Youtube:


Had to share this link, I think this is fabulous - real art.

I just know I'm going to do some soon; does it still count as yarnbombing if you do it in your own garden though? lol I'd love to do something like this in mine. I think it would tend to be eco-yarnbombing though - using wool, natural dyes and recycled wools. Whyever not?!
Watch this tree shaped space :)

Autumn mosaic

Left to its own devices..............

On our street, there is a lovely wee cottage I've always liked; it belongs to the  estate, so is rented out, and has had a variety of occupants over the years I've been here. It has no name, only and estate number, and teh front door is the brown of all their properties. The  occupant  I had most contact with was a lady called Hilary, and we always had a natter when we met. Hilary loved her garden here, and spent a lot of time in it, tending it and growing a few vegetables, tall hollyhocks, lots of self seeding was allowed, and I gave her slips and starts of plants, seeds, etc, and she always came up to the plant sales in the hall when they were on. Her garden was a real mix, no formal plan,  plants put in where there was room. She put up a lovely little shed and painted it in beach hut colours of cream and blue, and got herself a little greenhouse. She loved that garden. She moved a few years ago, and although there have been people in there, the garden is now 'neglected', in that it's no longer tended by human hand, at least until the next ocupants of the house arrive. The greenhouse has been taken by persons unknown , and the shed ahs sadly collapsed into itself.
I stop to look at it every time I pass, and have watched its progress over the summer. It's now 'going over' - lots of seed heads, flopping stems and autumnal colours - but still very beautiful to my eye. I popped in the other day and took a few nigella heads for the seeds - Hilary would be delighted if she knew.
If only all gardeners were like her.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My new stove

Things have been a bit quiet on the off-grid cabin project, but I've taken a big step forward this evening and ordered my wee woodburner for it:

Ordered from
I will be picking it up next Saturday from the Oak Fair. Big excitement here :))

Never too old

 - to learn something new. I spent yesterday afternoon and part fo the evening learning how to work on Excel spreadsheets, to help out with the Community shop's stocktaking figures. Carried on today, took all morning and the early part of the afternoon, but I cracked it, and am fairly confident I could do it again, should I ever have the need.
I then spent an enjoyable hour or so embroidering daisies on my newly finished hat, much more my scene !