Thursday, 25 August 2011

Like mother like daughter...............

Bean came tearing in throught he front door from her day out to Glastonbury demanding to know 'Is it here yet??!!!' I took the time to exlain that her although her GCSE Maths result came out today, if she was waiting for them by post, it would be tomorrow when they came.
Turns out she was demanding information on her ordered new sock wool she is waiting for................

Then - 'I bought a book, mum, here have a look' - hands it to me, a book on allotments. She's putting her name down for the uni allotment for when she gets there.

Brill. :))

My new 'Tiger Rose' viola, just lovely :)

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Fishcake_random said...

That's so sweet. It just goes to show that us leading by example really does make a difference to our children's life.