Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Had to share this link, I think this is fabulous - real art.


I just know I'm going to do some soon; does it still count as yarnbombing if you do it in your own garden though? lol I'd love to do something like this in mine. I think it would tend to be eco-yarnbombing though - using wool, natural dyes and recycled wools. Whyever not?!
Watch this tree shaped space :)


Sue xx said...

Isn't it gorgeous? I've seen some rather scrappy work but this is a beauty.


Mum said...

The tree looks as though spiders have built multicoloured webs all over it. I wonder what would happen when it gets wet and the wool shrinks - might be cruel to the tree. My daughter had a go at yarn bombing and her group covered a street sign. It wasn't as beautiful as the tree.
Love from Mum
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