Wednesday, 11 August 2010

So.........what happened today then?

It's been a busy old day here; main thing is my holiday - I'm off tomorrow for 10 days to Scotland, on my own, for some much needed R&R :) I'll be taking the laptop, so will be on here still, but may not be able to post any/many pics until I get the problem sorted out (I'm on the main PC at the moment)
So, today was and still is being spent runnibng around chasing my tail - shopping for food for the hoardes while I'm away, making lists if vet/doctor etc numbers, buying new knickers (lol - having dyed my best Sloggis purple, now matching teh stairwell exactly.......), packing and trying to find everything I need and want to take. I'm off at 5.30 am.
However, quite importantly we managed anotehr tip run, where I couldn;t resist a bag of wool - a good number of new balls of Jaeger, plus a lot of odds and bits, all very nice wool and useful; even enough of teh brown for a pair of socks to knit on the train tomorrow :))

Hope everyone here is well, I'll try and pop in daily, and let you know what I'm up to (mostly ;) lol )

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The perfect band for me..........

Get a load of this lot !!


More treasures..............

A quick tip trip was required on Sunday morning to get rid of the bottles from Bean's birthday party on the Saturday, so I took the opportunity to relieve them of these rather lovely items. The crock is stoneware, in quite good condition, but needs a good scrub - not a problem! The candle glass is a great size - takes the biggest candles; the mirror is brand new, still with its labels on, and I've been after the miniature tins for a long time for making wee gingerbreads. Cost? 3.00 for the lot. We like a bargain :))