Wednesday, 11 August 2010

So.........what happened today then?

It's been a busy old day here; main thing is my holiday - I'm off tomorrow for 10 days to Scotland, on my own, for some much needed R&R :) I'll be taking the laptop, so will be on here still, but may not be able to post any/many pics until I get the problem sorted out (I'm on the main PC at the moment)
So, today was and still is being spent runnibng around chasing my tail - shopping for food for the hoardes while I'm away, making lists if vet/doctor etc numbers, buying new knickers (lol - having dyed my best Sloggis purple, now matching teh stairwell exactly.......), packing and trying to find everything I need and want to take. I'm off at 5.30 am.
However, quite importantly we managed anotehr tip run, where I couldn;t resist a bag of wool - a good number of new balls of Jaeger, plus a lot of odds and bits, all very nice wool and useful; even enough of teh brown for a pair of socks to knit on the train tomorrow :))

Hope everyone here is well, I'll try and pop in daily, and let you know what I'm up to (mostly ;) lol )


Leanne said...

happy holidays sarah, safe journeys, safe return! :-)

Leanne x

Jacqui said...

Have a relaxing holiday mrs L.I hope you get some benefit from a wee break. Do pop in if you happen to be nearby - although very few do make it this far :)

Simone said...

Sounds like fun! An adventure all by yourself!

MoominMamma said...

Have a lovely time in Scotland MrsL!
I hope where you will be staying has nicer weather than we have had here on the North East Coast - rain, rain, rain!

karenjane said...

I too am a sloggi girl, can you explain to me, how is it that they always manage to dye themselves an unattractive shade of whatever colour the thing was that crept unobserved into the washing machine!
Have a lovely time north of the border.
Karen Jane

Anonymous said...

Bon Vacances, Cherie...hope you have a truly lovely time,
Love from Sue/coffeee

Anonymous said...

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Inspector Clouseau said...

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