Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More treasures..............

A quick tip trip was required on Sunday morning to get rid of the bottles from Bean's birthday party on the Saturday, so I took the opportunity to relieve them of these rather lovely items. The crock is stoneware, in quite good condition, but needs a good scrub - not a problem! The candle glass is a great size - takes the biggest candles; the mirror is brand new, still with its labels on, and I've been after the miniature tins for a long time for making wee gingerbreads. Cost? 3.00 for the lot. We like a bargain :))


pattypan.2 said...

Nice one Sarah. I inherited a large crock from my Nan which is very similar to the one you have acquired. Nice haul and reasonable prices - wish they did something similar our way.

Nice to see you back by the way - computer I take it is now sorted or the operator re-trained. Sorry just assumed Bean had sorted you out.

Take care

Tricia aka Pattypan


Anonymous said...

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