Friday, 28 September 2007

Dyeing with pecan nuts

Very pleased with this, a lovely rosey pink wool resulted from a deybath of whole pecan nuts on wool mordanted with alum.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

More fungus pictures

Well it happened..........

I realised a very long-held ambition to go on a guided fungus forage; lucky enough to go along on one locally, led by the River Cottage mushroom man, John Wright. Thoroughly enjoyable, learned quite a bit (although I was amazed at the amount I actually did know and recognise as he talked to us), got some great photos, and picked and cooked some hedgehog mushrooms. tired now, and very happy.

OOOoooooohh - chilly!!

Bright and chilly here this morning - no actual frost, but there is some in parts of the west I believe.
Hoping to go out this afternoon on a fungus foray, but depends on getting a lift. I've never done one before, so hopefully it will come to fruition; keen to learn more about the subject. I'm fairly good on my plants and trees and edibles, but less so with mushrooms, etc; getting the chance to be guided by one of the country's top mushroom men is a great opportunity. Will get all my stuff ready and keep my fingers crossed........................

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Latest quilt block

I'm taking part in a block a month project on one of the American forums I belong to, for the first time. This is the first block, called Grecian Square; looking forward to the next one now.

What I did today........

........among other things........picked rosehips from the front garden - they looked stunning against the clear blue of an autmn sky - worked on the blue hexagon quilt top, made a batch of biscuits and a pecan nut dyebath for some wool tomorrow.

I love my Mouli

Since deciding to go as non-electric as possible, as electric appliances wear out/break down, I haven't replaced them. Last to go was the belnder, which has given me a chance to get to grips rpoperly with the Mouli; good for soups, etc, but was pressed into service today for chopping the chillies for chilli wine. Satisfying to use, with no energy apart from woman-power, and oh so quiet.......................

Toffee vodka

This is a rather lovely drink, simply made from Werthers Originals dissolved in vodka. Very, very drinkable!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Les Nabis

Having a quick skim through an e-mail from a book company I use, I came across a book called Bonnard and the Nabis; I know a bit about Bonnard, but the Nabis completely stumped me, never heard of them; so, went off for a trawl around the net..............

"The goal of integrating art and daily life, was a goal they had in common with most progressive artists of the time"

They sound a bit similar to Morris and the pre-Raphaelites, being into many froms of art as well as painting. Will do more research, as am quite inspired by this. Might even have to get the book....................

On being a domestic Goddess.............

On Being a Domestic Goddess

I've washed the dishes, dried the dishes,
Put them all away.
I've tidied up and hoovered,
And kept the dust at bay.
My laundry's done, the ironing too,
With strength that I could muster,
The teatowels, sheets and pillow slips,
I even ironed the duster.
The toilet gleams, the sink as well,
The bath is shiny white;
The bath mat neatened nice and straight
Until it looks just right.
The stairs are clean, there's not a mark
Upon the wooden treads,
I dusted all the corners
When I went and changed the beds.
There's a line of flapping washing
Hanging smartly on the line,
The dog's walked, cat fed, chickens too,
And it's only half past nine.
There's a tray of fresh-baked fairy cakes,
And seven loaves of bread,
Fourteen jars of home made jam,
To keep them all well-fed.
A pot of boiling home-made soup
That bubbles on the Aga,
I don't see why domestic bliss
Should always be a saga.
All my hems are taken up and
All my socks are mended,
All my buttons sewn on tight,
Any less and I'm offended.
Half past three, a cup of tea,
And dinner's on the go.
Potatoes, carrots, peas and kale -
I grow my own, you know.
Family back by half past five,
And happy smiling faces,
Sitting round the table,
In all their rightful places.
Dinner done, more dishes washed,
It's really never ending.
I sit down in my comfy chair
And finish off the mending.
I knit and sew and cook and bake,
I don’t have time for telly;
You'll find me in the kitchenMaking wine and apple jelly.
And later on, a nice hot bath
To ease my aches and pains,
I'll get up in the morning, smile,
And do it all again.
I'm dedicated, strong and calm,
While under such duress,
I'm organised and punctual,
I've never heard of stress.
For I am woman, brave and staunch,
And never could be less;
I live my life for hearth and home -
A true Domestic Goddess.
Ofcourse it's me, as you well know!
But you'll be glad to find
That this Domestic Goddess
Exists purely in my mind!

Quinces and other things

The quince season is well upon us.................

Very fortunate this year in haveing access to 4 different varieties; the one I grow in the garden is Meecher's Prolific - not quite ready, but a good crop from a young tree is promised. A friend up the road is letting me have her cathayensis quinces - small, round, green with a purple blush down one side; another friend let me have his japonica quinces - 1lb of them made 2 gallons of lovely semlling wine. The 4th type is the large yellow ones, possibly Vranja, that OH managed to forage last week. Two of these were grated to go into quince brandy, the rest went inot some Forage Wine - quinces, wildling pears and the last of the elderberries - promising brew, that one. Very fond of quinces, have a notion to write a book devoted to them...........

Monday, 24 September 2007

Quilting on the go..........

Feeling inspired by OH's finds on Friday in the charity shop - 5 beautiful American quilting books - I got a crack on with some blocks this morning, and finished my contribution to the Friendship quilt on the go at my Forum ( The block is Antique Tile, in pinks, creams/whites and greens. These are mine.

Felt inspired to start the Triangles quilt another forum member put up a link for, and came up with this, a strip of triangles to start it off; it's a good way of using up wee bits from the stash, and will be really colourful when done, nice and quick on the machine too.

I'm still working on the blue and white handpieced hexagon top, and acquired a nice bag of hexagon patches from the jumble sale on Saturday. Should keep my busy on the quilting front..........

Autumnal turn

Nice seasonable weather at last! Wet most of yesterday, then blew a hooley all last night and heavy rain - kept the window open to listen to it, but OH not impressed. Beautiful here this morning, but chilly. Dyeing and chutney today I think, I have a head full of ideas again, but real life and housework getting in the way as usual.

I love the autumn.........................