Monday, 24 September 2007

Quilting on the go..........

Feeling inspired by OH's finds on Friday in the charity shop - 5 beautiful American quilting books - I got a crack on with some blocks this morning, and finished my contribution to the Friendship quilt on the go at my Forum ( The block is Antique Tile, in pinks, creams/whites and greens. These are mine.

Felt inspired to start the Triangles quilt another forum member put up a link for, and came up with this, a strip of triangles to start it off; it's a good way of using up wee bits from the stash, and will be really colourful when done, nice and quick on the machine too.

I'm still working on the blue and white handpieced hexagon top, and acquired a nice bag of hexagon patches from the jumble sale on Saturday. Should keep my busy on the quilting front..........

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Leanne said...

Morning! quilt squares- getting there!! You'll have them shortly, then I am going to sit in a dark cupboard until the next square has to be made!!!

Nice to see you blogging again!

leanne x