Hope chest

An occasional page where I can record the steps forward I make towards my new life


I am squirrelling away lots of good seeds for the coming years. In spite of the far reaches of the internet, it's becoming quite hard to find some seeds, so I'm always delighted when I do.  This batch, delivered today contains:
Suffolk linseed
Camelina for oilseed
Leek Solaise Bleu
Maris Widgeo wheat
Beefy resilient Grex beans
Golden Bantam sweetcorn
Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint corn
Hulless oats
Nine star perennial broccoli
Lady Godiva pumpkin
Costata Romanesco courgette

My seed collection is growing steadily, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the garden wherever I land up

Have invested in a couple of beautiful notebooks; one will be for house inspiration and one for garden.  Lots of  cutting and pasting coming up. One of the joys of my lie is beautiful stationery :)

More seeds procured today; B&Q had some good flower seeds at only 50p per packet, so they went into  the basket, with some others ofcourse.

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