Sunday, 8 June 2014

Wee bit of vintage glam for a Sunday

Have wanted one of these for a long time, and I'll use it too, to powder my nose..................

At £2.87 it didn't break the bank, and I'll get years of pleasure from it  :)


Blue Shed Thinking said...

My mum had a few of these. Think they dated back to the 1950's, before she married.

Dartford Warbler said...

It`s lovely. I remember my Mum having one with a horse on the front. She used Yardley`s loose powder inside it.

Is yours a Stratton? I seem to recognise the design. A bargain if it is!

Hannah B said...

Very pretty :)

MrsL said...

I can't see any name on it Dartford Warbler, so not sure. My mother used one as well. This one even smells right! lol

MrsL said...

Bit of a long shot - hope folk find this. Blogger has eaten all of my blogs, including this one, and I can no longer post on any of them. Have started a new one, find it here - please share the link and come and say hello :)

Thankyou x

Bren + Lucy said...

So much time to re-connect with you

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Inspired and lovely