Saturday, 19 January 2008

Dismal Saturday.............

................dreary and mizzly rain this morning, but much cheered by the purchase of a decent sized bookcase for some of the books that are threatening to engulf me and mine! Still in the car at the moment, until I find somewhere for it. Also bought an oak leaf hydrangea which I have been after for some time. Lots of new-to-me books managed to accompany the bookcase from the charity recycling depot, so that was good; mainly country themed, old crafts, bit of spiritual, that sort of thing. Got home to find my Dorothy Hartley book had arrived as well, so huge piles of good reading matter all over the house at the moment! Waiting to hear back from a Freecycler about some magazines, hope to pick them up tomorrow, but think it might be later in the week, now.
Bit of a dya of it dealing with some real carp on one of the forums I belong to, someone seems to have flounced off...............ah well, their loss, and very childish. Why can't people accept internet forums for what they are - not real life, a place to talk to like minded people, to live and learn?

Came across an excellent expression in a book on simplicity today - radical sanity. I'm sure I could do a lot with that expression...........

A name recently popped up from the past on one of the said forums, and he is sending me a copy of his latest book on his self-sufficiency adventures to review and post about on the net - looking forward to that. See, it's that "book" word again....................:0)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The sun is in.........

......gone!! Dull, dreich and cold now, so might light a fire in the sitting room to cheer things up, after a sweep, dust and tidy. Got the bread made, bit of reading done, pomegranate wine into demi-johns, rice cooked for tea. Still lots to do, including growing rice in the UK, should be an interesting bit of research with lots of nay-sayers!! :0)

The sun is out........

........albeit surrounded by showery rain clouds, but I can see it! I need to get teh dresser tidied and cleaned today - I've only ever seen once person in the world with an untider dresser than me..............:0) - OH hoped I wouldn't notice it when we went to that particular house, but I did! It looks lovely when it is tidy, but doesn't stay that way for long - flat surfaces just attract "piles" in this house, admittedly usually mine, but there you go.
Garden is far too wet to do anything sensible in, so I might get the first of the chillies etc in today inside if I get around to it.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Very unusual...........

..............I have the house to myself for a couple of hours! Bean has beent aken to coolege by OH, and EJ has gone with him to look for bits for a kart-building prohect , in B&Q. My Parish Council meeting was cancelled as the poor clerk is flooded and can't get out of her drive, so I opted out and stayed at home; I should be washing up..............
Rains stopped ehre before 11, and has been quite windy which has dried a bit out, but not much. More rain an hour ago, with more to come I think. Hot water bottle, early night and a good bokk I think. I got a couple delivered from Amazon today, one of which was One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka; I read it a number of years ago, adn am enjoying getting reacquainted with it. It's a superbly thought-provoking book about an inspiring man.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Another Monday

January seems to be hurtling along at an alarming rate - here we are almost halfway through now.
It's not raining at the moment - we had an awful lot at the weekedn, had to turn back twice for fairly serious flooded roads on Saturday, locally. However, seeing the poor souls in Mozambique on teh news last night, I am sure I will lash out if anyone complains without real due reason about the rain!
anyway, onwards and upwards, lots to do all over the house today, including the kitchen, then knitting and pub quiz tonight.
The sun is out now, which is quite encouraging, will try and get some washing out later, I have a load of bedding to get done.
Ah yes, just a note to thank all who leave comments on my blog - it's nice to know that people actually read what you write, so big thankyou from me.:0)