Monday, 14 January 2008

Another Monday

January seems to be hurtling along at an alarming rate - here we are almost halfway through now.
It's not raining at the moment - we had an awful lot at the weekedn, had to turn back twice for fairly serious flooded roads on Saturday, locally. However, seeing the poor souls in Mozambique on teh news last night, I am sure I will lash out if anyone complains without real due reason about the rain!
anyway, onwards and upwards, lots to do all over the house today, including the kitchen, then knitting and pub quiz tonight.
The sun is out now, which is quite encouraging, will try and get some washing out later, I have a load of bedding to get done.
Ah yes, just a note to thank all who leave comments on my blog - it's nice to know that people actually read what you write, so big thankyou from me.:0)


kathyann said...

Busy day ahead! Hope you manage to get it all done and the rain holds off so you can get your washing out! Do you get much done at your knitting club or is it more to just meet up with knitting friends for a natter! hope it was a good night!kathyann and the girls

MrsL said...

We get quite a bit of knitting done, have a drink and a good old chinwag too; lots of help and experience on offer for those who need it too.
It's two hours of knitting with no pohne, door to answer, etc - heaven with beer!

kathyann said...

Just....Perfic...lovin the sound of that,wonder if I could get one going up here!!Kathyann