Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The sun is out........

........albeit surrounded by showery rain clouds, but I can see it! I need to get teh dresser tidied and cleaned today - I've only ever seen once person in the world with an untider dresser than me..............:0) - OH hoped I wouldn't notice it when we went to that particular house, but I did! It looks lovely when it is tidy, but doesn't stay that way for long - flat surfaces just attract "piles" in this house, admittedly usually mine, but there you go.
Garden is far too wet to do anything sensible in, so I might get the first of the chillies etc in today inside if I get around to it.

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kathyann said...

You are so right ,what is it about flat surfaces!!Certain people in our house do the same thing"oh sorry I'll move it in a minute is the cry",mmmm a week later!! you know what I mean!love Kathyann and the girls