Thursday, 13 March 2008

New planet discovered.........

........well, on this day in 1781! The planet Uranus was discoverd by German-born British astronomer Sir William Herschel.

On a more tragic note, it was this day in 1996 that the the Dunblane massacre took place; I still have my tartan ribbon my mother bought for me, for the children, their teachers and families. I light my candle for them today.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

On this day............

Mahatma Ghandi began his campaign of civil disobedience in India by leading a 320 km march to the sea to collect sea in symbolic defiance of a government monopoly.

On this day...........I'm not sure what I am doing today:0) Lovely day, but still windy, so might be washing (lots of). I have a notion to make bread, but that depends on whether the Rayburn will play ball in this wind - might be biscuits instead..... bit of sewing to catch up on as well, plus myriad other things. Really need to get new flowers in the front border too.

Wishing well

I have my own personal wishing well!! Not sure if it would work, but I couldn't resist it - there at the tip again :0) Bean thinks it's a bit ugly, but I think it's very beautiful, and I've not seen one like it before, so it came home with me. Chip out of the rim, but that's fine my me - it'll go on display somewhere, in the bathroom maybe. Love it...........

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Another new week

- and it's Tuesday already. We seem to have missed the worst of the storm, passed right around us, which is good news for us. No damage here, just a few things blown around; unhappy livestock, thoughl, bit wet and windy for them. Chickens safely on their way back home with friend, who brought much appreciated bottle of home brew cider! Very wet and a bit windy today again, but stuff to do in the kitchen, so at least I'll be warm. Village Hall committee meeting tonight, almost the last one, now I'm resigning - looking forward to having more time to myself, so much to do at hme and in the garden. Working on the knitted sheep at the moment!!